6 Awesome Ideas for Street Food Business in Nigeria (2022)

Ideas for street food business
A popcorn machine in a street

The best industry for solopreneurs to make a quick profit from is the food business. You can hardly go wrong even as a newbie. This is because food is man’s basic necessity, and everybody needs to survive. So, if you are still sceptical, this is your wake-up call.

You’ll agree that it can be brain tasking to come up with a unique business idea. Well, this guide is here to help you with a list of the top 6 awesome ideas for the street food business in Nigeria.

The Concept of Nigerian Street Food

There is no clear definition of what street food is. However, you can interpret it as any food that can be bought and eaten on the roadside. You will find a lot of stalls, kiosks, trucks, stands, and even hawkers that sell cooked food.

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Many Nigerians either prepare their meals, buy street food, or go to restaurants. So, don’t be surprised to find street food vendors everywhere. Since street food has gained wide acceptance by Nigerians, you should not hesitate to start making money from it. You should jump on it as long as you have the necessary skills.

Ideas For Street Food Business In Nigeria

Ideas for Street Food

1. Popcorn Stand

Food description

Popcorn is a common snack that is made from heating corn kernels. When making popcorn, you have to heat corn until a white starchy substance pops out. Popcorn can be made in various ways and you can attract customers with its nice flavoured smell and taste. It is a general culture to eat popcorn in cinemas, theatres, and at the movies. You would also find popcorn stands across the street, in shopping malls, and in any other busy location.

Popcorn Popping

Why is it a good Business Idea?

Starting a popcorn business in Nigeria, requires little cooking skills, capital, and customer retention tactics. 

For instance, you can start this business with less than N30,000 (equipment, raw materials, and packaging), and you can attract a lot of customers by setting your stand at a strategic location. When your popcorn smells sweet, you would surely attract passersby, and you could retain them with an amazing customer experience. 

So far, you would have seen that selling popcorn is one of the best ideas for the street food business in Nigeria.

2. Smoothie and Fresh fruit Juice Business

Food description 

Smoothies are drinks that you can make from pureeing vegetables, nuts, and fruits in a blender. Many a time, vendors blend these fruit and vegetable drinks with ice, frozen food, or any other frozen ingredients. This process simply implies that smoothies can be people’s favourite during hot weather conditions. You can also retail smoothies along with other fruit juices. While smoothies are pureed(thick), fruit juices are not – they contain more liquid.

Retailers can choose to spice up their smoothies and fruit juices with different add-ins such as milk, vitamins supplement, fruit mix, nuts, chocolate bars and powder, yoghurts, granola bars, cakes, and so much more. Nonetheless, the taste, feeling, and health benefits should be kept in mind when you blend a mix of fruit and vegetables. 

Ideas for Street food business
Smoothies and Fruit juices

Why Is It A Good Business Idea?

Considering the startup cost, and culinary experience required, it is one of the easiest food businesses you could start. With a good blender, raw materials, and a picturesque stall, you can start this business. To attract customers, you can create unique mixes and recipes. These recipes can be broken into different categories, such as weight loss, weight gain, regular drinks, etc. When new businesses have a unique strategy, they can quickly pull in, retain, and get referred to more customers. 

3. Akara, Fried Yam, and Fried Plantain Spot

Food description 

Akara is a staple food in Nigeria which can be taken for breakfast or dinner. Many families in Nigeria enjoy this delicious food with pap, custard, bread, soaked garri, etc. This food can be made by frying blended bean paste. The paste is usually a combination of beans, cayenne pepper – popularly called bawa or tatashe-, and onions. Akara can be sold with Pap, fried potato, yam or plantain. Sellers can also spice things up with Pepper sauce, cowskin (ponmo), fish, beef, and so on. 

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Akara balls

Why is it a good business idea?

You can quickly start this business with regular food items, and if you have top-notch skills in preparing local African food. The Akara business is one of the top ideas for street food because it requires little starting cost. Although this business can be labour intensive, overall it is a lucrative food business.

4. Noodles and Stir-fry Spaghetti Stall

Food description 

Spaghetti can also be known as pasta. Pasta and Noodles are two foods that look, taste, and can be cooked the same way. However, they are originally made from different materials. Spaghetti is made from durum semolina and cooked for about 30minutes. On the flip side, noodles are made from wheat flour and cook for 10minutes maximum.

There are various ways that these foods are prepared in Nigeria. The most common way is cooking dried noodles with fried eggs, or stir-frying spaghetti. These meals are normally served hot and enjoyed with a cold fruit juice or soda.

Ideas for street food business
Spaghetti at a street food stand

Why is it a good Business Idea?

Stir-fry Spaghetti or Noodles are common foods for many Nigerians. As long as you have great cooking skills, you should jump on this. This is because, when people buy food, they focus on the taste and experience. These factors would determine if they would return to the food stall. Even though spaghetti and noodles are quite popular meals, they also require a considerable low starting cost. With less than N30K, you can successfully start this business.

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5. Barbecue and Sea-Food Grilling

Food description 

Barbecue and sea-food grilling can simply be seen as smoking food. The process involves processing meat or fish over an open fire. These foods are spiced, then placed on a rack to be roasted or grilled. Barbecue can be served with fries, chips, or salad. You can also roast plantain, corn, or yam, alongside your fish, chicken, pork, or meat. 

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Fish Grilling

Why is it a good Business Idea?

In a good location, you would certainly attract customers. Some areas you should consider setting a stand include student and youth areas, clubs, lounges, bars, and so on. These strategic locations would attract the best audiences, which would in turn yield high returns for you.

6. Burgers, Sandwiches, and Toast Bread

Ideas for street food business
Ham Burger

Food description 

Burgers, Sandwiches, and Toast bread are similar bread meals that are prepared in different ways. You can make toast bread, by exposing sliced bread to heat from a grill. For burgers, cooked or roasted meat patties are stacked inside a bun or bread. You could make burgers more appealing with cheese, vegetables, and boiled fruits. Finally sandwiches, you could make this, by adding vegetables and sauce in between two sliced bread. These snacks go hand-in-hand with fruit juices, drinks, coffee, or tea. In addition, many Nigerians eat these foods as breakfast.

Why is it a good Business Idea?

Aside from fast-food restaurants, this business venture is not rampant. So, starting a street food stall that majors on satisfying customers’ taste buds with these delicacies would yield profits. Nonetheless, like every food business, your snacks have to be well-made, tasty, and appealing. Moreover, you can start this business with N60,000 – this is for small scale production. 


This blog post has highlighted the #6 top ideas for street food business. We mentioned food ideas like hamburgers, barbecue, popcorn, akara, and so on.

Now we’d like to hear from you. Which of these business ideas would you try out first? Do you have questions about a certain food idea?

Shoot us your ideas and questions in the comment section.

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