12 Undiscovered tips on how to secure a Job in Nigeria Today

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It is common knowledge that finding a good job in Nigeria is tasking. From subscribing to alerts of job boards to sending tons of applications. It doesn’t stop there. Some recruiters go as far as setting 4-7 interviews and stages in your application. Going through all of these does not still guarantee the job. It can be frustrating. I understand.

This article will reveal alternative tips and strategies you can use to win your dream job without necessarily competing with thousands of job applicants.

Keep reading this blog post to discover these job seeking tips.

Tips on Finding a Good Job in Nigeria.

1. Use Twitter Advanced search to find more opportunities

Twitter is a great platform to connect with people and interact. In Nigeria, it is the hub for bants, hot takes, and controversial trends. Nonetheless, Twitter can be a goldmine for Jobseekers.

One of the beautiful ways to find new job opportunities is through a Twitter search or advanced search. It is very beneficial to use the Twitter advanced search, as your searches will be finetuned and well refined.  

What to do?

 A. If you have a profile, great. Suppose you don’t, create one.

B. Use web Twitter to access advanced search. While you can search on the Twitter app, advanced search is only available on the web version.

C. Search related keywords on the Twitter search bar. For example, If you are a digital marketer, search for “digital marketer wanted”, “hiring a digital marketer”, and other related keywords.

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D. Once the results come on, select Advanced search on the upper right corner of the results page.

E. Alternatively, you can click on more options. After that, you select Advanced search.

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F. Fill in the required details to get a refined search.

12 Undiscovered tips on how to secure a Job in Nigeria Today
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G. You can refine your search with words, people, Location, date. For the location, use the regular search filters.

For instance, you can search for Digital marketing in Lagos and mention specific accounts you want to find. These accounts can be your dream employer’s account or company’s page.

2. Use LinkedIn Search to find opportunities

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that job seekers should maximise. You can utilise LinkedIn far beyond just creating an optimised profile. There are numerous benefits and features in LinkedIn. However, we will be capitalising on two.

Like Twitter, you can search for posts containing specific keywords. You can also filter these posts but not as much as Twitter Advanced search.

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Another way you can secure a job in Nigeria is using LinkedIn for Job searching.

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With this feature, you can search for jobs, filter, apply, and create alerts. Job seekers can filter Location, company, number of applicants, Remote/on-site/hybrid, date posted, etc.g0vcHu8yPigGV58TeGmyyISyQjKRbBQcQB SaZqpV5ZAvjFs tLNXb1JYC1I5hH1TuYC42OiMr1 FnR42 SINEJuqrxQ6S4ocGF6q 12 Undiscovered tips on how to secure a Job in Nigeria TodayIhrtqkSSBzYbua 12 Undiscovered tips on how to secure a Job in Nigeria Today

While searching for jobs, you should search for as many keywords as possible. 

3. Collate a list of Companies hiring people in your chosen field

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Rather than diving into the whole sea, pick a segment and search. When job searching, it would be best if you target specific companies and apply to them. I would advise you to find an industry that constantly hires people from your desired role. Then focus your attention there. If you are a digital or growth marketer, collate a list of companies or similar companies who are always on the lookout for that role.

For instance, tech startups always seek growth marketers, developers, and designers. To avoid wasting time, create a list of such companies and follow them everywhere. This way, you can get their latest update on hiring.

4. Send Cold pitches to stand out

After collating a list of companies, what next? Send cold pitches. Rather than competing with thousands of applicants that apply via job boards, send a message directly to the hiring manager or the relevant department. This is not the conventional job-seeking tip. That’s why it works. 

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It is also great if you send a cold pitch after you have applied for the job. It will put you ahead if you truly want to secure a job in Nigeria.

Example of a good pitch:

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Please don’t copy this pitch template. It is purely for illustrative purposes.

5. Intern/Work under someone

If you are transitioning into a new career or a young professional, a great way to gain experience and get jobs is by an internship or working under someone. Internships allow you to learn on the job and work on real-life problems. This also applies to working under someone.

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When you work under a top-rated professional, you will get real-life guidance and job opportunities. Another upside is that top-rated professionals always turn down gigs with low pay. Nevertheless, when you work under them, these professionals may turn those gigs to you. This strategy works very well in the gig market as you can quickly land a job in Nigeria.

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6. Create a Portfolio to show experience

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I’m a big fan of talking the talk and walking the talk. You can’t claim expertise without proven results. Many Nigerians always fail to show valuable results of their job experience. If you have done something successful in your chosen career, then keep proof of it. If you are a designer, developer, writer, etc., always have a sample portfolio of works to show. If you are into marketing, sales, etc., keep a documented outline of strategies and hacks you would take to succeed on a campaign or outreach.

To succeed, look at job descriptions and find out the needed requirements. These requirements should shape your samples and portfolio. If you don’t have any work experience, you can create a non-existent company and develop your samples, projects and strategies from this company.

7. Show expertise on social media

Recruiters now source new talents via social media. An excellent way to put yourself out there and be discovered is through your profile. Your social media profile should be well optimised to attract recruiters. Additionally, you can regularly make posts and comment on subjects related to your area of specialisation. You should also avoid making posts and comments that will make you appear bad to recruiters.

8. Ask for Recommendations and Reviews from your previous employers

Recommendations, testimonials and reviews are critical factors that can give you an extra leg in your job search. If you have worked with people in the past, and you performed well on the role, do not hesitate to ask for their recommendations. 

There are specific professional platforms that allow you to put this up. Those platforms are Upwork and LinkedIn.

9. Always Improve on your skills to stay relevant

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There are thousands of job posts out there, but many still complain about no job. The problem is that many don’t have the required skills. As a job seeker in Nigeria, you should be open to exploring and learning new skills. This way, you can continuously stay relevant to recruiters.

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Additionally, you should constantly update your CV with the required job skills. Naturally, you would want to push out the same old CV. Don’t do that. It doesn’t sell you well.

10. Attend a Bootcamp to learn in-demand skills

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Illustration of education concept

Bootcamps are underrated. The fastest way to launch into a new career or learn the required skills is by attending bootcamps. Bootcamps train you, give relevant work experience and help job seekers. The majority of Bootcamp management go as far as assisting students to secure a job in Nigeria. If you are looking to get a job in the next 4 – 8months, bootcamps are your best bet.

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11. Establish relationships with professionals to get referrals.

In Nigeria and worldwide, many jobs are still given out based on referrals. A great way to find jobs in Nigeria is to have a fantastic network of people in your chosen field and industry. You can start by connecting with founders, recruiters and other professionals. Having an extensive network can help you land your next job

12. Keep Applying

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Getting a job doesn’t come easily, and the last thing you want to do is stop applying. As they say, all the No’s bring you closer to the next YES. Keep applying, and don’t be afraid to start small.


Job boards are good to find jobs, but because you compete with a ton of other applicants, getting a job can be difficult. In this article, I have highlighted the different tips and strategies that will help you find your dream job in Nigeria.

Now let’s hear from you!

Which of the tips above would you be using for your next job search? Are there extra tips you would like me to include?

Kindly let me know in the comment section!

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