Vision Boarding: New Ways to manifest the “Soft life” you Desire

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Nigerians can benefit tremendously from setting goals and staying motivated with a vision board. When you go on Nigerian Twitter, at least 2 tweets from random Nigerians talk about their craving for the “soft life”.

Soft life Definition. Vision board
Definition of Soft Life

People have built affirmations aimed at rewiring their brains to see and think about the soft life so they can manifest it. While these approaches are nice, a better way to manifest the life you desire is to create a vision board.

Essentially, it is a board covered in motivating images that act as inspiring reminders of the life you envision for yourself. Although it sounds easy to build- and it usually is, you could feel stuck regarding how to create it and what goes on it. Don’t worry; this guide will help you create a successful vision board tailored to you as a Nigerian that will help keep your goals top of mind. let’s dig in.

Determine Your Goals and Prioritize

A vision board is a visual representation of the details of the soft life that you want. Trust me, it’s not a decoration of random pictures you gathered on the internet and can use to create a beautiful mood board. Before you create an effective vision board, you have to start with a vision in mind.

Then, break that vision into goals which you’ll need to list out. Ensure your goals are specific and cover both your short-term and long-term goals, dreams, and aspirations. But that’s not all you need to curate this vision board. I’m pretty sure that after highlighting these goals, you’d see that they are a lot. In fact, they could overwhelm you.

john maeda Vision Boarding: New Ways to manifest the "Soft life" you Desire
Dr. John Meada

“People who can focus, get things done. People who can prioritize, get the right things done.”

—Dr. John Meada, VP of Design and Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft

So, what you need to do is select what goals you want to achieve this year or month. For instance, if your goal in life is to become a great writer, a brand designer, and an actor. You’d agree with me that you can’t chase all at once. So, start by choosing which dream to follow in 2023. You could decide to chase the dream to become a writer first.

This would be a long-term aspiration. But note that a long-term aspiration could also be getting a better job in the field you already work in. You could also add short-term aspirations to your list like traveling more or cooking better in 2023 or getting into painting or yoga. Once you’ve listed these out, prioritize them accordingly and pick the top three that are most important to you this year. After doing that, focus on them for your vision board.

Gather Images and words that Represent Your Goals

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Prioritize your goals

Now, here’s the fun part. After prioritizing your goals, you’re on the right path to success. Usually, prioritizing your goals means you have a clear direction and that’s the first step. Since you have an idea of what you hope to accomplish, gather images of things that will serve as visuals for your ambitions.

Make sure to get pictures related to your goals, whether these are places you’d like to travel to or items that invoke the job you want. For instance, if you want to travel to Maldives by the end of 2023, gather amazing pictures of Maldives and people enjoying their time in the location.

If it’s to get a better job, gather pictures that depict the kind of job you want. Additionally, you can select words or quotes that will further inspire your objectives, such as “success” or “money is coming my way.” Once you have all of these together, start putting together your vision board.

Organize Your Vision Board

After getting the pictures, you’ll need to organize your vision board. There’s no one technique that’s best for how to arrange your vision board. Simply arrange your vision board in a way that best suits your needs; this may include grouping similar goals together or categorizing them into chronological order.

Vision board organization
Organizing your vision board

Decide what visuals you’d like to use, such as checkboxes or a timeline that divides your goals into achievable increments. Group corresponding pieces together and arrange them on the board to create an overall design that is both visually pleasing, but also allows for an easy understanding of each of your objectives. If it feels too overwhelming for you, you can use a vision boarding app to organize the vision board of your dreams.

Refine and Customize the Layout & Details

Now, after successfully organizing your vision board, you’ll need to edit it. Don’t worry, you won’t need to do too much. Simply refine any unnecessary details such as duplicate images or unneeded words.

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Customize your vision board

Make sure each goal is clear and detailed, so you can easily follow through with achieving it. Then, customize the details of your vision board to represent your unique values and identity as a Nigerian.

Motivate Yourself with Visual Reminders

kelly reminder Vision Boarding: New Ways to manifest the "Soft life" you Desire
Set reminders

Make sure to place your vision board in a spot where it can be easily seen, serving as a motivational reminder of what’s possible when you put in the hard work. Choose images and words that reflect what you want to accomplish and keep your intentions as clear as possible.

Whenever you get close to slipping off track, glance at your vision board and reignite the fire to keep moving towards those goals. As you progress towards milestones, consider updating it to reflect your growth – this will be an excellent opportunity to celebrate success.


its a wrap steve harvey Vision Boarding: New Ways to manifest the "Soft life" you Desire
It’s a wrap

It’s so easy to talk about success and soft life. But if you’ll actualize it and live your dreams, you’ll need to put in the hard work and document your dreams.

Your vision board is one of the best ways to document your dreams and keep you on track. Think of it as that friend that reminds you of why you’re on the path you set out for yourself in the beginning. Have fun fulfilling your dreams.

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