How-to Order Gearbest Products to Nigeria and Enjoy Great New Year Deals!

Untitled How-to Order Gearbest Products to Nigeria and Enjoy Great New Year Deals!

To celebrate the festive season, Gearbest is unveiling the New Year Deal Event.

Gearbest is a fast growing online electronics store that sells just about anything! The products are  classified under departments which range from Consumer electronics, to Clothing for both Men and Women to Home and Garden products. They are easy to find in well-arranged categories.

There are numerous mouth-watering discounts up for grab on the website. Gearbest introduced their Christmas promotion last year to acclaim love and gratitude of its consumers and the New year deal event is another great chance to enjoy fantastic deals. There is surely no limit to what you can get a discount on, as it cuts across a wide range of products.

Untitled How-to Order Gearbest Products to Nigeria and Enjoy Great New Year Deals!

Enjoy Fantastic Coupons from Gearbest.

To make things even juicier, Gearbest is offering FREE COUPONS to enhance your shopping experience.

Unlike other shopping sites where you might have to buy something first to get a free coupon, at Gearbest, you get coupons without any conditions. Each coupon applies to particular products and they come with a code you have to use during checkout. The discounts attached to the coupons are significant, with up to 40 off on some products! Because ‘Seeing is Believing’, here are some coupons you can try out for yourself.

Gearbest is not just another shopping site. They are more than that. Customer happiness is more important to them than the order you place. This is one more reason they are the best for you this festive season. Remember “A good discount is bae”, more reasons why are going to share with our lovely readers numerous other discounts available on the site. Find them here.

You can get up to crazy discount on different products. Coupons are available for a wide range of products. Smartphones, Tablets, watches, fashion clothes, jewelry and many other products you can find online, Gearbest has them.

Also there was these amazing feature on the website called Must-buy Doorbusters. It offers customers the chance to get some great deals with crazy low prices. So do keep a close eye on the flash sale and grab what you want.

One of my favorite product listed on the website is the OnePlus 5T 4G Phablet International Version  –  BLACK. You can get it for as low as  $499.99 using the coupon code: 5toneplusdp


How To Order A Product From Gearbest to Nigeria.

To buy a product from Gearbest, simply visit the site, and select whatever department you wish to buy your product from. However, you have to register before ordering and there are 50 Gearbestpoints attached to it.

  • To order to Nigeria, simply click ‘Cart’ and then add your coupon codes per products where they apply. Then ‘Proceed to checkout’ and sign in. Fill in your Shipping Information, (Note that the best postal code to use for Nigeria is 00176, you’re welcome)

pdf How-to Order Gearbest Products to Nigeria and Enjoy Great New Year Deals!

You may also wish to select the appropriate search filters which vary from price (low to high or vice versa), recommended products, those on sale, new products and so on. If you have a clear idea of what they want, the search tab on top of the web page can be used for faster results.

When you select your preferred products, you can buy them immediately or add them to the cart. There is an extensive product description underneath each product with pictures of all the products and videos in some cases. The popular 5-star rating method is used to rate the products and some products have customer reviews.

Once you choose the product you want, proceed to checkout. Note here that you can only check out if you have signed in. To pay, select your desired method of payment as well as your desired shipping method. Shipping methods depend on your destination country and some products have free shipping (you can set the filters for products that have free shipping only).

  • Choose your Preferred shipping option (I would advise that you add shipping insurance just to be on the safe side) . The Unregistered Airmail seems to be the cheapest but it takes a longer time to arrive. The fastest is the Expedited shipping but its quite expensive.

jlesdf How-to Order Gearbest Products to Nigeria and Enjoy Great New Year Deals!




  • Choose which ever option suits your pocket then pay with either Paypal, or with Verve. There’s an MtnPay Option as well, so pick whichever works for you. The total shipping time is the sum of the processing time+ packaging time+ shipping time so it should be calculated as well.

jlesdf How-to Order Gearbest Products to Nigeria and Enjoy Great New Year Deals!

  • Once you pay, your order is processed and you can pick up your delivery at your local postoffice. Give them a try today!

LK How-to Order Gearbest Products to Nigeria and Enjoy Great New Year Deals!

  • A great feature is the personalized recommendations that you get once you register, so you’re more likely to see stuff you like first. For those that love freebies, there are always daily deals and flash sales going on. You also get 10 Gearbest points when you sign up for the newsletter, in addition to the 50 points you get when you register. That’s a great start for shopping if you ask me.


  • There is a also 45-day money back guarantee and a 360-day free repair warranty on the products which is pretty decent. Shipping is fastest via DHL although its more expensive than the other methods.

This is a good time to shop from Gearbest because they have a New Year Deal Event going on. They basically offer attractive discounts on gadgets and products that bring you a step closer to achieving your New Year Resolutions. Imagine getting a 49% discount on the OnePlus 5T Phablet and other great discounts on Fitness gadgets, electronics and clothes?. Most deals are timed so hurry! 

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