New Facebook glitch has old updates re-posted, without users consent

New Facebook glitch re-posting old contents, without user consent

The new Facebook glitch has thrown users into confusion.

It seems Facebook is very interested in our past of recent, as users are reporting a new glitch in the system- similar to the Video Year Review or the always disturbing On This Day feature. This new bug is re-posting users old contents without authorization.

Some users started seeing a very large number of photos and updates coming up on their respective timeline after been initially posted few months back. Facebook was alerted to the problem and says it’s looking to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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The most disturbing issue on the glitch as you can see above is the time stamps been altered by the bug, thereby making user’s update look like they were posted recently.

 This new bug is coming after we reported some weeks ago about Facebook pronouncing many of it’s users dead, including Mark Zuckerberg. It seems the social media site has decided to bring all the dead back, and offer us some forced re-cap of our past.
We are yet to receive an official response from the Facebook team on the bug, but it seems the glitch surfaced after the recently rolled out feature, 2016 Year In Review video. Some users also noted that the bug started showcasing after they decided to update the Facebook app.

The only good news in this glitch is that users can stay rest assured on any thoughts of accounts been hacked or compromised.
A Facebook user, Drew Calhoun had to cry out to the Facebook Help Community, asking on why pictures are posted on her timeline without her consent.



Are you also experiencing this glitch? Let us know in the comment 🙂

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