The Evolution of The Joker in Movies and TV History


The Joker is definitely the most effective villains in movie and TV historical past

Joker is easily one of the greatest and most insane villains ever created. Since his introduction we’ve seen several different versions of the character in both TV and film

Over the years we’ve seen actors such as Jack Nicholson, Cesar Romero and Heath Ledger take on the role. Jared Leto is the most recent actor to play The character in Suicide Squad, and we have yet to see how that exactly turns out.

So perhaps as an alternative of arguing who was one of the best Joker in movie and TV historical past, we should always argue that the Joker has been portrayed the most effective out of any superhero or villain in movie and TV historical past.

In his honor ,ScreenRant has released a video that breaks down the evolution of the character over the years in film and TV history.


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