Email Marketing Campaigns; Making them Productive.

Email marketing Nigeria
Email marketing Nigeria

Email marketing is one of the first online marketing methodologies to be popularly used by businesses for online advertising. This is because email marketing offers a wide range of strategies that allows businesses promote products and services they offer. Nevertheless, there are different advantages and disadvantages of email marketing. In this article you would find how to get the best out of your email marketing effort.

The strength of email marketing is the ability to get your content to a wide range of audience with little complexity and budget. It’s an affordable online marketing methodology once you have your email list ready, the cost incurred when sending out emails or newsletters too are minimal compared to other online marketing methods.

They are cost-effective.

The only area in email marketing that cost much is the content creation, basically copywriting and graphics used to pass across information about your product and services. This would require the expertise of a copywriting professional and a graphics designer depending on the skillset and experience, cost might differ.

email marketing
tip: Use Mobile-Friendly Design

Stay away from spam.

The biggest disadvantage of e-mail marketing is Spam. Ensuring your emails are not viewed as spam by recipient is of upmost importance to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign. This is very important as recipients never open spam emails and would destroy your efforts. The spam rate on email marketing has skyrocketed in the past few years mostly due to how affordable email marketing campaigns have become these days. Nobody likes receiving emails from brands or people they haven’t authorized to send them emails.

Most email services use complex algorithms to pick out spam emails that are deleted or moved into the spam folder that nobody looks at. If your emails are going into spam then your email is a waste of effort. Also it’s possible for your recipient to report your emails as spam, this happens when you send unsolicited emails to people that haven’t given you their consent. When multiple users report your emails as spam, email services would deliver your emails to spam of most of your audience.

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tip: Test Every Subject Line Before Delivery

The content of the emails should also be top notch. They should bring out the best of the products and services you’re advertising. It’s also important you make your content less “salesy” that’s why you need to expertise of a copywriter, who writes good sales copy with goal to deliver conversion to your business. Lastly ensure you add call-to-actions to your emails, they allow recipients take actions like make purchase or an order of your services.

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