How-to Learn From The Best Schools For Free on Coursera.


Today, we’ll be giving a simple life hack which we know you’ll find extremely useful. Too often, you must have seen, experienced or heard about the need for specific skills in the workplace, school or in some other area of our lives. People have missed, will miss or are missing out on job offers, business connections, relationships and appointments all because they lack or don’t possess enough of a skill or a set of skills (myself inclusive 😩 ).

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We sometimes try to acquire these skills but time, other commitments and finance may hinder our goals. Are you ready to see how you can acquire some of these skills easily without the above-listed constraints? The way to go is to enroll in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC),  this is not a totally new concept as MOOCs have been in existence for awhile they however, are becoming more acceptable.

Have no fear, Coursera is here. Please note that this is not an advertorial or a form of belittling other sites that offer similar services, I personally endorse Coursera because I love their philosophy, quick response to questions, easy method of signing up, and the simple, aesthetically appealing layout of their website.

Their mission is: “We provide universal access to the world’s best education”, so simple yet so encompassing. You can learn anything from how to cook to how to program in the most difficult languages to business/social etiquette to fashion designing to big data to classical music… the plethora of both free and paid courses is almost endless. Isn’t this awesome?


What else do they offer you may ask, we’ll tell you:

  • You can take classes at your own pace; think break time at work, while in traffic, while having supper so bye bye to structured time tables that are gone once you miss them.
  • Assignment submission time is flexible; there is a time frame for submitting assignments, typically 7 days so bye bye to the teacher saying “submit my assignment tomorrow or fail!!!”
  • You can always watch any lecture over and over again for emphasis so bye bye to inpatient tutors that hate repeating themselves.
  • There are certificates for some courses (although they clearly state that it’s not an academic certificate).
  • It gets even more interesting, there is financial aid for those who can’t afford to pay for paid courses. “Getting it is hard” you may say, no it’s not. I’ve been given aid 5 times out of 6 applications.Please note that this is strictly for those who are not capable of paying, Coursera runs on the fees paid for courses so it is unethical to apply for Financial Aid when you very well have the means to comfortably  pay for it.

This is really, really awesome.

Clap for Coursera 👏👏

You can become a part of this by following these easy steps here, you won’t regret it. Trust me! This link follows a well-detailed approach on how to learn for free using Coursera.

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