Common Samsung Galaxy S7 problems and how to fix them

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In this post, we’re gonna be covering the most common Samsung galaxy S7 problems and how to fix them. You don’t need to be a hardware or software engineer to be able to fix common problems exhibited by this device. Just stick around and I promise you’ll learn alot from this adventure.

Here’s a list of all the common questions and answers to them:

My Samsung S7’s buttons are not working, why?

I’ve heard a lot of issues concerning the Samsung S7’s buttons. Here’s a quick tip to solve such issues if and when the arise.


You can actually fix an issue like this by pressing one of the button that does not seem to be working; press and hold ‘Power and Home’ to perform a hard reset and you will find out that your buttons are back to normal.

Why does my Samsung galaxy S7’s battery drain fast?

See, I really hate it when I’m doing something important online and my battery suddenly starts getting hot and drains almost immediately. It makes me wanna smack the phone. So for starters, here’s how to solve or at least minimise this problem.


Turn off anything you don’t need in the notifications shade.  Go to Setting > Data Usage > Background Data to prevent apps from downloading data in the background when you don’t want them to.

Remember to turn the screen down too.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy S7’s Wi-fi not working properly?

I’v heard a lot of people seriously complain of this one fault from the Samsung galaxy S7. Though, I have not experienced such before, I would try this tip below if such a thing happens.


Try limit your Wi-Fi to 5GHz network, as that frequency band cannot be affected by Bluetooth signals. And remember to reboot your router if you’re at home, as routers can stop working properly for no good reason.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy S7 Bluetooth borked?

Sometimes the S7’s bluetoothe starts behaving like an overloaded truch? Just try this tip


Bluetooth isn’t behaving well, right? Remove your list of paired devices, and re-pair them again.

Why did my Samsung Galaxy S7 Stop streaming music?

You’re probably streaming some good music from Spotify and the music unexpectedly stops? You’re not alone…


Take a look at Settings > Battery

Make sure the power saving mode is off.

You can also take a look in setting > Wi-Fi

Tap more at the top right, then keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and choose always.

Common Samsung S7 problems

Why does my Samsung Galaxy S7 gets hot while on charge?

This is a common problem among fast-charging versions of smartphones especially if you’re the type that won’t allow your phone to rest while it’s charging. It’s your phone’s way of telling you that he’s still the boss.


The Galaxy S7 fast charging capabilities can cause it to get hot. If you are not comfortable with how it gets hot, you can turn off fast charging by going to Setting > Battery, then toggle off fast cable charging. And also, refrain from doing a lot with your phone while its on charge.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy S7 camera failing?

There are few people with Samsung Galaxy S7 camera issues. The camera application is reported to stay black upon opening and then an error message pops up. If this is similar to what you are experiencing, then check below for solution.


Go to Settings > Applications > Application manager

Find the camera app, then tap Force stop.

Tap on storage > Clear cache and Clear data.

It might also be that it’s a bug with smart stay that’s causing the issue.

Try going to Setting > Display and turn off smart stay.

How can I change my Samsung Galaxy S7 auto correct?

Lol, this one almost made me type #cultpeople when what I actually meant to type was #coolpeople. It can actually be very frustrating when you’re typing something and auto-correct is suggesting and correcting your sentences to something entirely different from what you had in mind. here’s how I solved the issue.


Go to Settings > Language and input > Samsung keyboard and you will find a

range of options under smart typing. Find auto replace and turn it off.

IMG S7 Common Samsung Galaxy S7 problems and how to fix them


Thank you so much for following and reading till the end, we hope you bookmark this page in case of any future occurence on your galaxy S7. Please, these tips can also be used on other Samsung devices like the S6 edge among others.

I really hope I put a smile on your face today as you read through the solutions to some of the commonest S7 problems. We do hope you follow this blog to discover more exclusive tips and how-tos.

Enjoy your day!

I’m Ben and I blog at where I review android devices and also release simple how-to articles for better management of your android device.

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