The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022

Businesses to start with 10k
Small scale businesses

If you are here because you need ideas of businesses to start with 10k, you are in the right place.

People seek low capital business ideas for numerous reasons. One of such is that an average LLC or partnership startup requires hundreds of thousands of naira to start and run it. Sometimes, these startup companies fold up within five years. It is sad because many can not afford the expenses of a prominent startup; how about losing it?

Don’t be scared! You can make money too! There are numerous businesses that a low-income earner can start without breaking a bank. So, whether you are a student, stay at home mom, or full-time worker, you can still get your hands in an excellent Nigerian business. 

For these reasons, I intend to reveal with this guide the top 10 businesses you can start with 10k in Nigeria. 

So, grab a drink, stay glued, and let’s roll.

Top 10 Businesses to Start with 10k in Nigeria

Here we are.

I will not just show you mere business ideas; this guide will reveal proven businesses that many Nigerians have experienced success in.

Let’s begin with;

1. Dropshipping

Are you wondering how to start an online store without incurring too much cost? Then drop shipping is for you. Dropshipping is one of the most specific businesses to start with 10k. It involves acting as a middleman between suppliers and customers. The sweet thing about dropshipping is that you don’t need to come in contact with the products. Once an order is placed through your store, the wholesaler delivers on your behalf.

How can you make a profit from dropshipping?

Like every other retail business, you get your profit from the difference between the wholesale price and retail price. So, all you have to do is add your profit to the price before listing it on your store.

2. Mini-importation

Mini-importation involves buying goods from another country and selling it in your country. Mini-importation is similar to importation; the difference is that you purchase products in small quantities. 

Remember we mentioned Dropshipping is like retailing, Mini-importation also involves selling at a retail price. However, for Mini-importation, you’ll essentially be involved in physical products rather than just owning an online store.

Because you are importing goods on a small scale, often you need small capital. For this reason, Mini-importation gets on the list of businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria. 

To end, I would give one piece of advice, which is; focus on high-demand products. Another is, put efforts into the right marketing strategies which will make your business grow. 

3. Social media marketing

Social interactions make our society. And social media is here to bring people together via the internet defeating geographic locations. However, you may wonder, how does this help me?

There are several ways social media is beneficial for an average man and one of which is monetisation. You can monetise social media by becoming an expert marketer through helping other businesses or utilising social media for your own business

As a social media marketer, your role involves attracting customers. Hence, your post, comments, ads, captions, and engagement should accumulate to drive the right audience to action. If you are naturally good at this, good for you. But, if you are not, hope is not lost cause you can learn these skills. You can learn with either paid or free courses on platforms such as Udemy, EDX, LinkedIn learning, Coursera, Hubspot, and so on.

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4. Small chops sales

You already know that small chops are constantly served at many Nigerian parties. Aside from this, many Nigerians buy small chops and other finger foods for home consumption. Wow! That’s a large market waiting for you.

With an average culinary skill experience, you can start making small chops for sales. The most exciting thing is that finger food is amongst the few businesses you can start with 10k. How true? The fact is you only need to buy raw materials while you can get the equipment from your kitchen.

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Incredible right? I know

5. Used Clothes

The truth is many Nigerians wear thrift clothing, even if we act like we don’t. Another reality is that with the help of social media, you can make a lot from this market. All you have to do is visit a local market near you, find the finest and quality clothing, and buy it for a low price. After that, you market it to your circle, connections, and social media followers.

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The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022 24

Well, you need to improve the appearance of the clothing to sell more. Hence, you should wash, starch, Iron, and package the clothing before advertising. This is a business you can start with less than 10k, and you could double your capital on your first batch. 

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The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022 25

Is that not rituals?

6. Laundry Business 

As more people are getting busy with their work, they delegate some household chores to service companies. One of such domestic chores is dry cleaning and laundry. This is one of the lucrative Nigerian businesses to start with 10k. 

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The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022 26

In so far, you have a washing machine and a pressing Iron; you are all set. You may incur costs involving marketing, packaging, and a couple of toiletries(detergent and starch).

7. Sales of Past Questions

If you are a student, then you may consider selling past questions. Why? Many undergraduates want to prepare the right way for their exams. To do this, they need past questions to see questions format and question types to prepare for. 

The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022
The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022 27

If you are not new to the school system, you can accrue these PQs year by year. Talk to senior colleagues, go to exam venues to ask questions. Store these question papers, wait for the next section, compile and make copies. After doing this, start spreading the word.

For this type of selling, you only need money for photocopies and binding. That’s why this got to our list of businesses to start with 10k.

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8. Mobile Car wash

The car wash business has always been a lucrative one. However, it requires large startup and running costs. Well, for those who don’t have significant capital, you can still run a car wash service. 

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The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022 28

The idea is that you run a carwash business without owning a physical space. You go from home to home to help people wash their vehicles. 

This is an excellent business to start with 10k in Nigeria, as all you need is good PR and essential cleaning agents and tools.

9. Recharge card and Data Business

Almost everyone uses their mobile phone for calls, text, and internet access. People can’t achieve all this without airtime or a data bundle. You can come in by reselling recharge cards, airtime, and data to users.

For recharge cards, you need to get connected to a vendor—a wholesaler, who would sell in bulk to you. For success, you need to start with popular networks like MTN, GLO and Airtel. In addition, when choosing a stand, you should pick a location with high footfall.

While for Data reselling, you need to register as an agent on any online data provider. Then, you can get data for discounted prices, and you resell. 

Both Recharge cards and Data reselling are businesses to start with 10k. You can even try out the two businesses at a time.

10. Freelance Writing

Whether outsourced gigs, guest posting, or ghostwriting, companies always need writers. You can get involved in this large market through different forms of writings and different niches. Clients and companies seek to write blog posts, product reviews, sales messages, and email first lines. You could even become a fictional writer. You write different types of drama, prose, and poems for clients.

If you have a laptop, a good smartphone, and internet access, you are good to go. The major capital you need is Data subscription and refining your skills. 

Aside from writing yourself, you can even get gigs and outsource them to other good writers. Here you pay the writers from what the client pays you. So, you make a profit by searching for gigs. This makes it a simple business to start with less than 10k.

The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022
The Top 10 Businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria 2022 29

Remember I said that writing has a large market. So, there are numerous platforms that you could source for paying freelance writing gigs. Platforms such as freelancer, Fiverr, LinkedIn, etc.

You should focus on a trending niche that you love. Niches like finance, technology, crypto, travel, etc. This way, you can quickly learn, write better, and become an industry expert.

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Wrap Up

We understand your need to start a business and make a profit. And we’ve seen that many lucrative businesses require high capital to start. All of these are why we compiled this list of top 10 businesses to start with 10k.

So, pick one business idea, kick it off, and see how it goes. It would be best if you remembered to test different marketing strategies, serve your customer well, and you would do well.

Now, let’s hear from you!

What business would you start with 10k? Were you expecting to learn something more?

Let’s know in the comment section.

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