Bitcoin Search blazing hot on Google Trends

download Bitcoin Search blazing hot on Google Trends

According to Google Trends, the term “Bitcoin” one of the most popular right now on the planet’s leading search engine. In fact, it’s currently outperforming some of the most consistently popular search terms of the last few years.

Interestingly, the web analysis tools also shines some light into internet users’ preferred nomenclature. It appears most Google searchers prefer to use the term “crypto” over “cryptocurrency”.

Bitcoin Outperforming Typical Heavy Hitters in Terms  of Google Searches

Google Trends is a fantastic tool for comparing how different search phrases compare in terms of popularity. It therefore provides a window into what the internet users of the world are passionate about. One of those things right now is Bitcoin.

According to a post by software company ConsenSys, the term “Bitcoin” is being searched for will more frequency that many other consistently popular searches.

When compared with the term “Donald Trump”, ConsenSys found that the last twelve months has seen the two popular search terms jostle for dominance, with “Bitcoin” breaking out in recent months. Naturally, when people hear about rising Bitcoin prices, they are much more inclined to search Google for the crypto asset


chart 3 Bitcoin Search blazing hot on Google Trends

Unsurprisingly, searches for the US President dominate over those for Bitcoin in North America. Meanwhile, South America, Europe, Australia, and much of Asia shows the opposite.

The terms “Tesla” and “Kim Kardashian” were then included in the comparison. “Tesla” actually outperformed Bitcoin over the last twelve months on average and is currently at almost equal popularity as a search term.

A surge in the numbers Googling “Kim Kardashian” in recent months wasn’t enough to overtake Bitcoin, however. At almost the exact moment interest picked up in the media personality, Bitcoin’s price rally was noticed leading to more searching for the crypto asset.


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