Biography, brand, business of Adegoke Pamilerin, a top digital marketer

Omo Iya Ologi

When you visit Adegoke Pamilerin‘s personal website, you will see him call himself a humanitarian, a thought leader and a lifestyle influencer. Then, when you do some kind of background check, you realise that the Omo Iya Ologi is not rattling.

Adegoke Pamilerin

With over 550,000 combined followers on his social media pages, Adegoke Pamilerin regularly shares his taste in entertainment, fashion, food, travel, and tech which his community regularly engages with.

Dr. Pam Pam – as he is fondly called – has over 8 years of experience in social media campaigns, brand management, PR, and digital strategies and has worked with big names companies like Google, MultiChoice, Coca-Cola, Access Bank, Universal Music, and a host of others.

Dr Pam Pam Biography

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Adegoke pamilerin (source:

Pamilerin “ThePamilerin” Adegoke was born March 10, 1994, in Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Pamilerin began working as an author with after he met Adekunle Ayeni at an event who offered him a job at Black House Media. He was hired at Black House Media as their entertainment editor but left in 2017 to focus on his personal project.

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The Pamilerin Adegoke Brand

No doubt, Pamilerin understands social media and has used his knowledge to make a big name for himself. But, he has also used controversy through the climbing process – which is not bad after all; especially when it draws the crowd positively.

Pamilerin shares his wealth of knowledge through talks, seminars, interviews, and especially social media to people that want to start on similar paths.

His first biggest deal as a Social media influencer was when he worked with Pepsi in 2015 on Public relations ground. Pamilerin has gone on to work with various celebrities in Nigeria as a Public relations professional such as Korede Bello, Adekunle Gold, Adedimeji Lateef, and several others.

The Pamilerin Foundation

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From mental to sanitary health, He has contributed his share to solving some issues we face in society. In his words, “The economic situation in Nigeria is already bad enough and it’s sad to realise that a lot of women and young girls can’t even afford something as basic as a pad, so my team and I came up with the idea to do the best we can to ensure as many girls as possible get access to sanitary pads.”

In July 2019, he launched his foundation “The Pamilerin Foundation” with the sole aim of providing free pads to girls across Nigeria. In November 2018 and January 2019, with ThePamilerin Foundation (House to #GiveAGirlChildAPad), Pamilerin and his amazing team that includes celebrities, media entrepreneurs, and several other individuals coordinated efforts to give over 55,000 pads to young African females.

‘We’ll continue to do the best we can to help the girl child and let them know that they are not alone.’

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Pamilerin Omo Iya Ologi

pamil 1 Biography, brand, business of Adegoke Pamilerin, a top digital marketer
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A lot of times, people have wondered at the name ‘Omo Iya Ologi’ and had thought of what it would connote, but according to Pamilerin, he calls himself ‘Omo Iya Ologi’ because his mother makes what you can refer to as quality Ogi (Pap).

The influencer being a budding Nigerian youth and a controversial one was very active during the #EndSARS protest in October 2020 and was among the twenty other individuals whose bank accounts were blocked by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a result of their involvement in the peaceful protest.

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Awards and nominations

As a result of his dynamic nature and impact across several industries, Pamilerin has been nominated for about fourteen awards and has won twelve which includes the PRT award, Nema award, Anuca Award, and the Maya award.

Pamilerin Adegoke net worth

Adegoke Pamilerin
adegoke pamilerin

Having made his first million at the age of 19, at 25, Pamilerin’s net worth cannot be determined. We only know that his brand has grown exponentially and he is ‘living the life’.

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