The 7 Best Makeup Content Creators in Nigeria Today (Instagram and Youtube influencers)

Makeup Content creators
Makeup Pallete and brushes

This blog post would be introducing the top makeup content creator in Nigeria. This list would target Instagram and Youtube content creators who are making waves in the Nigerian beauty industry.

Finding the best influencers to work with can be difficult and time-consuming. You will be familiar with this setback, even if you are a beauty brand, or you are a beauty enthusiast that wants to learn about the latest beauty tips and hacks. Well, that’s why we researched and curated the 7 best makeup content creators in Nigeria. So, be prepared to learn about;

  • When they started
  • Their unique style
  • Services they offer, and more importantly…..
  • Their followers, subscribers, and engagement rate.

Top Makeup Content Creators and Influencers in Nigeria

Makeup content creators
Makeup content

These top Nigerian makeup content creators are currently influencing black inclusion in the makeup world. So keep reading to learn about the new trends, hacks and styles of these makeup content creators.

Let’s start this list with;

1. Jackie Aina 

Makeup content creator
Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is the #1 makeup content creator on our list. This remarkable Youtube beauty influencer has joined the platform since March 2006. Over the years, she has attracted a solid 3.57million subscribers to her channel. Jackie Aina who is based in the US is a licensed cosmetologist and a skincare expert. 

Jackie has always represented the black skin females by calling out makeup brands that do not include enough dark shades. She has gotten involved in magazine campaigns, influencer gifting, and brand endorsement, to propagate black inclusion.  

This renowned Nigerian makeup influencer has partnered with top brands like Artist Couture, E.L.F. Cosmetics, and Too Faced cosmetics. Her recent collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics led to the expansion of the Born this Way Foundation. After Jackie’s onboarding, the foundation range of shades was increased by eleven- nine of which were Jackie’s input.

Fast fact: JackieAina has a product called Jackie Aina Pallete

2. Jennie Jenkins

JennieJenkins is managed by Makeup content creator, and fashionista, Chioma Jennifer Jenkins. She joined the platform in 2010 and has 648k Youtube subscribers. This channel has received a whopping total of 73,942,682 views. That number is on the high side. Chioma Jennifer Jenkins is also popularly known as BeautybyJJ – which was the former name of her channel. 

She publishes diverse video content, from beauty tips to beauty hacks, to makeup looks, and everything fashion.  Jennie Jenkins was also ranked by SocialBook, as the #8 top UK beauty influencer.

This popular makeup content creator also manages an Instagram page, known as TheJennieJenkins. This page has a massive following of 428k. Her most popular IGTV post was titled, “Styling Black Outfits”. This post received an outstanding 209K views.

whn The 7 Best Makeup Content Creators in Nigeria Today (Instagram and Youtube influencers)

Aside from her simple makeup tutorials, styling videos, and fashion modelling, she has also recently launched a product line. This fashion company is known as JennieJenkinsbeauty, and has a product collection called JennieJenkins lashes collections.

The 7 Best Makeup Content Creators in Nigeria Today (Instagram and Youtube influencers)

3. Shalom Blac 

Shalom Blac is a Nigeria-born makeup artist and wig maker. She is a burn survivor who left the country at the age of nine for plastic surgery. This popular Youtube beauty influencer joined the platform in January of 2014 and has since then grown her channel to 1.57million loyal subscribers. She creates videos such as makeup transformation, makeup artistry, and hair/wig making and installation.

Recent Posts:

    Shalom Blac, is using her channel to motivate and inspire young women. She loves makeup and believes that makeup covers external scars. However, internally, many women are scared and feel less of themselves. So, she creates youtube videos that encourage and empower women. In addition, she also creates makeup videos, wig making videos, and makeup transformations. 

    Check out Shalom Blac’s Youtube channel here.

    4. Bybronx 

    ByBronx, is an Instagram account created and managed by Ronke Bodamisi, a Nigerian makeup artist, and content creator. Her first post on Instagram dates back to September 8, 2016, ever since then she has grown her page to 101k followers. She frequently makes videos on wig installation, her make-up shoots, and the keto diet. 

    This popular makeup content creator regularly hosts makeup and weight-loss classes. From the inception of her Instagram page, she regularly talks about the keto diet and how to lose weight.

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    The most viral post on her IGTV had a massive 99,987 views, and 6539 likes. This post was a detailed video on how to install wig frontals.

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    Fast facts: ByBronx started with Keto-diet Classes

    5. Lhidhia Stanley 

    Lhidhiastanley is managed by 27 years old Lydia Stanley. This beautiful makeup artist is based in Kaduna and has a massive fan base of 70.9k followers. She constantly publishes videos on both her youtube channel and her Instagram page. She publishes makeup content on special effects, her family life, and her regular makeup look. Her most popular video on IGTV was the video of her husband – Mr Nonso Mokwuah – placing a ring on her finger. The video saw a massive 44.8k views on Instagram. 

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    Before this video, she went viral with her “hole in hand” SFX tutorial. With the video receiving 23.4k views, it also saw a high 15.4% engagement rate.

    The 7 Best Makeup Content Creators in Nigeria Today (Instagram and Youtube influencers)

    As earlier mentioned, Lydia Stanley also runs a Youtube channel. She joined the platform in 2017, she has grown her channel to 18.2k subscribers, and has received a total of 1,095,519l8 views, according to Youtube. On her Youtube channel, she publishes videos on her new family life, regular makeup tutorials, as well as special effects tutorials. 

    Lydia Stanley also launched her product, the Lydia Stanley pallet. She has also been recognized and interviewed by popular blogger, Linda Ikeji. With her makeup studio located in Kaduna, she is currently making waves in the makeup and beauty industry.

    Fast facts: Ever since Lydia Stanley lost 10 inches from her waist, she is no longer shy of posting portraits. 

    6. Shirley .B. Eniang

    Shirley B Eniang is #5 on our list of best makeup content creators in Nigeria. Shirley B Eniang is a Scottish/Nigerian YouTuber who started vlogging in 2008. She has grown over the years to become a makeup, fashion, and lifestyle top voice.  Shirley B has 727k subscribers on Youtube and a massive Instagram following of 375k. 

    This amazing makeup content creator regularly posts about Lifestyle tips and hacks, simple DIY makeup tutorials, and other videos. Shirley B Eniang as a top youtube influencer claims to use canon 600D with Kit lens & 50mm f1.8 lens for all her impactful youtube videos. 

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    Aside from makeup tutorials, she also gives tips and hacks on clothing and clothing accessories. On visiting her channel, expect to be glued to her lookbooks, videos, and shopping hauls video. It is certain, you will learn new styling, makeup, and lifestyle tips from her youtube channel.

    Simultaneously, this awesome makeup content creator runs a blog called Shirley’s Wardrobe, which has been in existence since 2009. On her blog, she writes and posts picturesque portraits, on clothing accessories, top spots, and everything fashion and lifestyle. Currently, she has not been the subject of any scandal, celebrity gossip, or rumours. 

    Fast fact: Shirley B Eniang studied Mathematics, and she loves wearing TopShop Jeans.

    7. BeautebyLiz

    This makeup Instagram page is run by 26 years old Elizabeth Atulomah. Before focusing on Instagram, she started with a beauty blog, Liz of Ss. She started exploring Instagram in 2015. 

    The 7 Best Makeup Content Creators in Nigeria Today (Instagram and Youtube influencers)

    Over the past 6 years, she has exponentially increased her follower count to 21.6k. According to inbeat, she has an engagement rate of 4.62%

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    Elizabeth Atulomah, has worked with brands such as colourpop cosmetics, hotombrecosmetics, and Juvias Place.

    The 7 Best Makeup Content Creators in Nigeria Today (Instagram and Youtube influencers)

    Fast facts: She has a 2years old daughter and lives in British Columbia 

    Wrapping Up

    Here, you have seen the list of the top 7 makeup content creators in Nigeria. These Youtube and Instagram influencers are currently making waves in the beauty industry. 

    Now we want to hear from you.

    Which beauty influencer did you expect to see, but wasn’t mentioned? Which of these amazing profiles are you going to check out first?

    Let’s hear your opinions in the comment sections.

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