BatMan : The Evolution of The Legendary Batmobile

If you are a Batman fan, then you should have dreamt of one day owing your own Batmobile – and quite understandably so.

I am not a big Fan of the ‘man in black’ – that what i call him, but but can’t help but admire the hunk of a car ( Batmobile ) that was used in The Dark Knight. For people like me that need to be informed about the evolution and history of the ‘man in black’ range of cars,there is a very comprehensive infographic that will do the trick.

Even the so-called “die-hard” Batman fans would definitely learn a thing or two. Be prepared because this infographics is really large.

DISCLAIMER: This is a 100-car image, so please bear with the possible slow loading time.

Batmobile Infographics
Batmobile Infographics

Wheeew! that was so long , am very sure that even the die hard fans too have learnt a thing or two from this amazing Batman Cars info-graphics.


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