ATTACK ON TITAN Season 3 Gets Epic New Trailer Ahead of July Release.

Attack of titan season 3

When Attack on Titan was first released, it was one of the best anime series you can find. It was full of intriguing monsters that look to bring Armageddon to earth. Eventually the series started to fade out and anime fans started losing interest due to over twisting of plot. But seeing the trailer for the third season, i wished i never stopped watching. So if you any like me, we have some time to catch up as the season 3 premieres via Funimation in July 2018.

The trailer is filled with a barrage of amazing action. The Titans aren’t the only enemies in season three, as Kenny and a group of humans are now also causing trouble with the use of special guns.

The first episode of season three of Attack on Titan drops on Sunday, July 22.

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