Who is Sophie Alakija Rammal? Comprehensive details about the Nollywood star.


Sophie Alakija, or Sophie Rammal, as she now goes by, is an award-winning Nigerian actress. She is well-known in the Nigerian movie industry for her beauty, captivating roles, and accomplishments. She has featured alongside some of the industry’s biggest names. In this, you are going to find out everything about Sophie Rammal.

Sophie Rammal’s Personal life.

She was born on the 7th of February on the mainland of Surulere, Lagos State. Her parents, a Lebanese father and a mother who hails from the Efik tribe in Cross river, having just moved to Lagos not too long before her birth to raise her and her siblings. She has an older brother Mohammad full name unknown but goes by @offical_mohglen on Instagram, and a younger brother Jay Rammal who also threads on his sister’s path.

Growing up, Sophie had always yearned to be a big-screen actor. She spent most of her childhood years watching ceremonies like the Oscars and The Golden Globes, hopeful that she too would receive an award for her acting.

In the year 2010, Sophie got her big break. At the age of 16, she made her arrival on the screen as a lead dancer/vixen in Wizkid’s “Holla at your boy” video, which was shot and directed by Patrick Elis and Banky W. Upon the music video’s release, Sophie was tagged as Wizkid’s Ex ever since.

sophie rammal and Wizkid

After this, the movie star didn’t take up any more roles as a vixen. When asked why she didn’t further her career as a vixen in an interview with Fruit Tree Magazine, she mentioned that she did not do much dance and enjoyed cooking without considering it a talent.

Sophie Rammal was a stand-out beauty who stood at 1.95 m tall with silky dark hair, dark brown eyes are quickly the top pick of any man who would desire her, and in 2016 she got married to Wale Alakija, a reputable businessman.

sophie-rammal marriage alakija

The marriage happened on the 27th of March 2016 in Surulere, Lagos. She was already pregnant at the time with her first child Aydin when she got married. It was a culturally rich event with colourful attires from the Efik tribe in Cross river, Lebanese, and Yoruba.

It was a Muslim and traditional union between the two. Sophie’s first outfit was stunningly bold, Fuschia pink apparel by the world-renowned designer Kira Blanc and later changed into the formal Efik bridal wear. Wale also changed twice from a simple woven piece to a full white agbada. Sophie Rammel is blessed with two kids Aydin and Caliph.

In May 2018, the Nollywood actress took to Instagram to give a testimony of how she and her family came out unscathed from a vehicular crash. She started by giving thanks to God for sparing her life and that of her family. She went on to explain the ordeal; she was heading home with her family when two cars ran into one another then collided with her sending her automobile into a tailspin, eventually stopping right in-between oncoming traffic. She described the incident as a horror.

The fear of losing her husband and first son swept through her as the collision’s impact was on their side of the car. But all four passengers came out from the totaled car without a single blemish.

Screenshot 20200522 062642 1 Who is Sophie Alakija Rammal? Comprehensive details about the Nollywood star.

Sophie Alakija was focused and determined on progressing in her career, but the stigma of her previous relationship with famous musician Wizkid found its way of taking centre stage. She was addressed as Wizkid’s ex and during a scene from a reality tv series ‘Being In Nollywood.’ She made her frustration known. She called out the tabloids who always referred to her as Wizkid’s ex to create a buzz in the news to refrain from doing so. She further stated that she’s a wife and a mother, not the ex of former EME headline act Wizkid.

On the 28th of April 2017 was a sad day in the Rammal family as her brother took to Instagram to announce their father’s passing.

Sophie Wale Alakija Traditional Wedding BellaNaija 2016 Lagos 52 Who is Sophie Alakija Rammal? Comprehensive details about the Nollywood star.

In the middle of the year 2020, Sophie Rammal was on everyone’s lips when the news of a split with her husband Wale Alakija caught wind. According to other news sources, the breakup occurred sometime in the previous year.

Sources say there have been several efforts by the family to get the once happy couple to its old self, but Sophie is hesitant. Investigation shows that both partners have deleted every dated picture of both parties being together on Instagram. This significant act led an Instagram blog to dig and arrive at some form of hypotheses about the split. The blog stated that Sophie abandoned her marriage and her two kids to enjoy her “baby girl” lifestyle.

According to the Instagram blog, Sophie has turned down any form of a settlement but is still holding on to ALAKIJA because it opens doors. More on the story is Timini Egbuson 2020 AMVCA’s Actor of the Year, and her alleged pimp was offering her off to men at clubs alongside her best friend, Efe Irele.

During this period, a video of the younger brother of Nollywood actress Dakore Egbuson is seen sitting on a couch before Sophia Alakija came over to meet him and began giving him a lap dance. This video, which went viral not long after, was used to buttress this blog’s findings. This blog made mention of Timini stating that he tests whatever product he pimps out.

After thorough research and investigation, a little of what was posted by this blog held water parts like Sophie deleting pictures of herself and her husband on her social media, changing her name to Sophie Rammal on her Instagram and Twitter unfollowed her husband. But the case of her abandoning her kids seems a bit far-fetched. Right now, everything written about both parties is speculative, and until either one of both parties officially speaks up, that’s all it’s going to be.

Her work and acting history.

That same year Sophie starred in her first movie, The Silverspoon, where she played Ella Henshaw, a bright, hardworking, serious-minded 24-year-old girl next in line to take over the family business.

NTA Watch Wole Ojo Sophia Alakija Desmond Elliot in ‘Silver Spoon 1 Who is Sophie Alakija Rammal? Comprehensive details about the Nollywood star.

She then comes across a man who takes her for a daddy’s girl. This young man, a disgruntled job seeker, Segun, performed by Wole Ojo, finally gets a job in her company and discovers that the job was not what it entails. Released on the 22nd of September 2017 and directed by Desmond Elliot.

When asked to share her journey in the movie industry and how acting began for her in an interview, she said A discussion with her husband led her to put herself out. He advised her to go for an audition with the intention that she would get it. Along the line, she met Director and famous actor, Desmond Elliott who eventually put her through. She also expressed her gratitude for everything he taught her and spoke about the challenges she had faced so far.

She also starred alongside Desmond Elliot, Majid Michel, Deyemi Okanlawon, Olive Emodi, and Matilda Obaseki in Getting Over Him follows Mimi, played by Matilda Obaseki. The latter finds out her boyfriend has a side piece, and she may have been the side chick. Heartbroken and distraught, she finds solace in a blog that takes her on a step by step guide to finding love. Desmond Eliot’s belief in her talent was one reason for her astronomical rise in Nollywood. She was cast in more movies in the space of that year.

Here are just six of those movies and the characters she played.

  • In Our Trap as Margaret
  • Happy Birthday, Dad as Bethany
  • Uncommon Event as Uju
  • Ordinary People as Nkoli
  • A Time to Heal as Nkechi
  • A Case Of Free Will as Moda Bodija

On March 15th, 2019, a video on Ndani Tv’s TGIF show aired where we got to see the beautiful Sophie Rammal with her hair down and having fun. She was asked a series of questions, which she failed and ended up taking eight shots of alcohol!

The year 2020 will mark the 4th year Sophie Alakija has spent gracing movie sets and television sets. She shows no sign of slowing down with her featuring in African Magic’s Halita, where she played Altine, a physiotherapist. She also appeared in another African Magic production, My Flatmates, among others; she starred in a new movie. The Kujus, which came out on the 27th of November, is out in cinemas nationwide.

Her Lifestyle

Besides bringing two beautiful kids to this world, Sophie Rammal is weird, fun, curious, caring, quiet/ish, were the five words she used to describe herself in an interview with GLANCENG. She also spoke about the considerable role the platform IROKOtv played in her career growth, working with Cate Blanchett and Leonardo Di Caprio, her extreme love for jeans, and cooking.

Sophie Rammal again raised some eyebrows when she penned a “romantic” tweet to her supposed Ex Wizkid on his birthday tweet read, “Happy birthday, Legend Love you Forever.” There was a lot of speculation behind this tweet, and it was discussed on a YouTube discussion on The Fuze, with hosts claiming it seemed like a desperate cry for attention. Suggesting that maybe she was trying to claw her way back into Wizkid’s life given the fact that she isn’t married anymore and her reaching out to Wizkid was her way of telling him to take a second look at her now that she’s uncuffed and that it was utterly unnecessary and uncalled-for. Maybe it was that or her just simply wishing her Ex a happy birthday. We’ll never really know.

On November 10th, 2020, she posted a short clip of herself and one of her sons with the caption “Twin.” This goes to show that she’s still very present in her kid’s life, and the alleged split with her husband hasn’t come between her love for her kids.

son 1 820x1024 1 Who is Sophie Alakija Rammal? Comprehensive details about the Nollywood star.

Being drop-dead stunning comes with its perks, and the perks here being endorsement deals and modeling of top clothing lines and photographers in Nigeria. She’s highly regarded as one of Africa’s most beautiful actresses, having similar looks to Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim. Glo used The Lebanese beauty in an advertisement featuring herself, Tuface Idibia, and Juliet Ibrahim, where she starred as a younger version of the Ghanaian actress. I must say the resemblance is astonishing.

In a recent music video posted by famous artist Oxlade, Sophie Alakija returns to the music scene as a video vixen where she plays his on and off girlfriend. The video had the Away crooner and Sophie in each other’s arms. They also shared a passionate kiss at the end of the video. The song is titled O2 off his Oxygen EP, released in the year 2020.

Endorsements and Awards

With 509,000 followers on Instagram and 18.6k followers on Twitter, her hard work and talent as an actress bagged her endorsement deals with huge deals like Remy Martin, Lipton, and Hawaii soap. Remy Martin is respected in the cognac business and is also part of the Comité Colbert, an organization of superfluity businesses that promotes French know-how worldwide—coupled with being an actress, Sophie Alakija is a ball of talent, as she also raps in her spare time. As seen on her Instagram post on her brother’s birthday, she was making references to being a black Lebanese ending her bar with being amazing. You can’t help but wonder, is there anything she can’t do?

She recently got recognized for her hard work, being awarded the Outstanding Actress award for her Drawing Strength performance at the 17th Abuja International Film festival in Abuja. It happened to be the most demanding role in her acting career. During the filming cycle, she travelled a lot while pregnant and stayed away from her family for a long time.

Her Networth

Sophie Alakija is deemed one of the most valuable actresses in Nollywood. She has proof that hard work and perseverance will take you far in everything you set your mind to attain. Her estimated net worth is between $200,000 to $250,000 With her endorsement deals and outstanding acting career.

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