How to Activate the Affordable Airtel Night Plan and 9Mobile Night Data Plans.

airtel night plan

Airtel Night Plan and 9Mobile Night Plan Overview

There are some of companies in Nigeria that offers night plan, which makes it hard to pick the best one. So, if you have a plan of getting one, two of the most reliable and effective plans available are the Airtel night plan and the Etisalat night plan. To give you an insight into which plan is the best, then keep on reading as we provide you with a brief explanation about these two-night plans.

Airtel Night Plan

One of the best night plans offered in Nigeria is from Airtel. This plan is considered as the lowest priced midnight browsing tariff, enabling subscribers to browse during midnight or late hours of any night.

One amazing perk of the Airtel Night Plan is that you are able to subscribe to as many times as you want in one night, not like other competitors that you are just restricted to one subscription a night. On the other hand, the Airtel night plan can be changed or converted once exhausted, so meaning you are able to subscribe again after consuming the first 1.5 gigabytes. Also, you can utilize 3 gigabytes for N100 in one evening. 

Unlimited Airtel night plan was considered the superb thing people loved and enjoyed from Airtel for many years now. However, it has been stopped or replaced by another plan that is still cheap as well as cool opposed to the night plans offered by other network companies.

Getting to Know More About Airtel Night Plan

In case this is your first time hearing Airtel Night Plan, subscribers of the tariff plan, also known as SmartTrybe, can take pleasure in nighttime browsing for a low price. It is one of the many amazing features of this plan, and for only ₦25, you are able to acquire 500MB to utilize for one night only from 12 in the midnight to 5 in the morning, while ₦200 will get you 1.5 gigabyte on similar conditions.

*312# is the code for this plan, and through dialing this code, you are able to subscribe to SmartTrybe, or if you already subscribe, access the menu, which enables you to pick some of its remarkable perks. In the menu, choose option #3 and then 1 for 500MB or 2 for 1.5 gigabytes to acquire that MB for nighttime website browsing.

Airtel Night Plan Subscription Codes

To take pleasure in the Airtel night plans, first and foremost, you have to transfer to SmartTrybe. You are able to do that by means of pressing *312#.  Then, respond with #1 to confirm the transfer to SmartTrybe.

500MB Night plan for N25

  • For only 24 Naira, you are able to subscribe to 500 megabytes. It is easy to do just follow these steps:
  • On your phone press *312#
  • Choose #3 to see the offers
  • Pick #1 to subscribe to the N25-500MB
  • Keep in mind that the 500 megabyte is just valid from midnight up to 5 in the morning that same night

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

You are able to subscribe to Airtel 3 hours night plan by dialing *481*2# for only 200 naira. But, subscription to this night plan will expire after three hours of subscribing.

Another unlimited plan offered is the 6 hours unlimited that is available for 500 naira. To subscribe to this plan, all you need to do is to dial *481*1#. This plan is valid from 12 in the midnight to six in the morning.

Airtel 1GB and N25 Activation

To active Airtel 1Gb, all you have to do is to transfer to Airtel SmartTrybe by pressing *312# and then press number.

  • When done, dial *312#
  • Reply 1 for 250 megabytes for 25 naira
  • Reply 2 for 1 gigabyte for 500 naira

How to Check the Airtel night plan balance?

Airtel does not offer any code to check your night plan balance. On the other hand, we have been able to come up with easy steps.

Smartphones are integrated with features that enable you to keep monitoring your data usage. So, to check your balance, you have to follow these simple steps:

In menu options, go to phone setting
Press Data Usage

– Set off the cellular data limit
– Set the warning to perhaps 20 megabytes or more
– When done setting up, your data usage will be shown at the top of the screen. This will help you determine the available balance.

What is the Validity Period or the Airtel Night Plan?

The fact that it is a night plan, you must know that the data you buy can just be used in the nighttime; specifically, later hours of the night or 12 am to 5 am. In short, you can use your plan for five hours only. After five in the morning, you will no longer use your plan.

On the other hand, you also need to know that once you consumed the allocated data before the expiration time, you will not be able to browse online. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to consume your date before the expiration time, the outstanding data will expire and cannot be used the following night. So, meaning you need to register again.

Airtel Night Plan Conclusion

In general, Airtel has many monthly bundles offered. In fact, some of these meet all the requirements of the average user. On the other hand, occasions might come up once you browse the net at night or if you want to access links when there are fewer users, particularly later at night. There is no need to use your regular monthly plans to carry that out, since there are night browsing plans made to meet your specific needs from 12 am to 5 am.

Airtel indeed has the best night plan offered, and you must expect anything less. Airtel night plan is a valid offer. Some people consider this offer a cheat due to the ridiculous data offers. So, if you in Nigeria and searching for a good night plan, you have to consider this. You will never regret you subscribe to this kind of night plan.

9Mobile Etisalat Night Plan Overview


9Mobile or recently Etisalat a moment ago launched a new reasonable and cheap data plan for late at night browsing, to subscribers worldwide.  And without hesitation, this night plan is remarkably cheap as it assists night browsers to surf the internet fast at night, taking pleasure in the perks with a low amount charged for the data plan.

You must keep in mind that the night 9mobile night plan is restricted to subscribers on Morecliq Prepaid Sim. And in case you have not transferred yet, you can just move to the prepaid plan by calling *244*1# in order to get started.

How to Move to MoreCliq?

Migrating to MoreCliq is a simple and easy process; all you need to do is to follow the steps below:

– On your phone, dial *244# then a pop-menu will come up
– Reply 1 to migrate
– After this, you can now subscribe to the 9Mobile Night Plan.

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How to Subscribe to 9Mobile Night Plan?

Dial *229*10*10#  in order to set off the night plan for 250 megabytes, or you can dial *299*3*11# for the 1-gigabyte plan. 9Mobile night plan or Etisalat night plan works on Wi-Fi, PC as well as mobile phones.

It is easy to subscribe to the Etisalat night plan, but first, you need to keep in mind that this plan is just available on the Easycliq tariff plan and just usable between midnight until 5 in the morning. The steps to activate the night plan offered by 9Mobile are as follow:

Make sure to migrate first to specific tariff plan. Also, ensure you have at least 50 naira load to qualify for the 250-megabyte plan or naira 200 to qualify for the 1-gigabyte plan.

How to Check My Balance on 9Mobile Night Plan?

To get information about your outstanding balance as quickly as possible, you need to call *232#. You will get a notification stating your balance

The operator provides a lot of ways to check your balance so that you are able to pick the best and convenient one. The most common way of getting information is to ask the operator. You can also utilize a mobile app or use a USSD code to send a message or to ask for help at the nearest offices.

You can call the support service through a live chat. You can do this by filling in some information about yours. Also, you can write on social media like Twitter or Facebook or through email.

Another convenient way to check your balance is to load a mobile app that will assist in knowing the sum of money on your account wherever you are and at any time. Also, you can download Easymobile App in Google Play or AppStore.

Etisalat Night Plan Time: Duration

The plan is just accessible, starting from midnight to 5 in the morning. A few seconds before or after the provided time, your plan data will not browse until you subscribe again. So, meaning you need to wait for later hours once more.

Is there an Etisalat Night Plan Cheat?

No. There is no night plan cheat. At present, you are permitted to browse the internet without spending more at late times. The plan is very reasonable, so there is not cheat attached to it at this point in time. 9Mobile night plan is legit, and in fact, there are a lot of people in Nigeria that subscribe to this kind of plan.

Is It Possible to Use Etisalat Night Plan in a Daytime?

No. As the name suggests, you can only access this plan during late hours from 12 am to 5 am this makes it a viable option for people who love browsing in the evening due to few users, and the is no congestion in the data.  On the other hand, it is not advisable to subscribe to this plan during the day. You might not be provided any data, and if you are being given, you cannot use it during the day time.

Is it possible to Subscribe to Etisalat Night Plan for Only 100 Naira?

At present, there are only two plans available offered by 9Mobile to their users or subscribers; this takes account of the following:

  • N200 for 1 gigabyte
  • N50 for 250 megabyte

Both of these plans last from 12 in the midnight to 5 in the morning

My Etisalat Night Plan is Not Working?

If you subscribe to this plan and you find it hard to connect the internet after air time has been deducted, all you have to do is to follow these simple and easy steps:

Switch on Airplane mode for twenty seconds and then switch it off and try to connect again.

You also need to configure your APN and try using these APN settings on your phone: send settings to 750 and then save the configuration setting the network sent to you.

Also, you can figure 9Mobile APN browsing by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Find APN settings and then key in the following:
  • Name – 9mobile (Naijatechguide)
  • APN – 9mobile
  • Proxy – (or
  • Port – 8080
  • Username – Just leave it blank
  • Password – Just leave blank

When done, check data balance by dialing *228# to ensure you still have enough data to keep on browsing and then restart your phone and try to connect again.

As a whole, the 9Mobile night plan is one of the cheapest and affordable night plans offered in Nigeria at this point. It is vital to know how to activate this plan in order to make the best out of its benefits.


There you go. These are just some of the two most popular night plans offered in Nigeria. Both offer you unlimited browsing from midnight to 5 in the morning, and you can choose from two plans offered. Any plans you choose, you are assured of the best and high quality service.

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