80% of Images Online Are Naked Women and 11 Other Unknown Internet Facts

80% of pictures online

Omoleye Omoruyi

If you are reading this, then you are probably curious, wanting to know what more about the internet you do not already know. Let’s start with reminding you that the internet is growing faster than you can imagine. Since ‘internet’ became an indispensable thing, more websites, than ever before, have been opened and it might surprise you to know that web builders are making even more money these days.

Google recently released estimates and data revealing shocking facts about the internet – data that will blow your mind.
Stay with me to see the non-sense I am talking about.

1. As of October 2018, There Were 1.9 Billion Websites on the Internet

Ermm…imagine having more websites than human beings. Well…Let’s expand the data a little bit. As of October 14, 2018, there were about 75.8 million blogs and business sites in existence are on WordPress. To cap it, more than 5 million blog posts are published every day. Also imagine you had to read all that. It’s the end of 2019, so these numbers have definitely shot up.
On another side, 51% of all internet’s traffic is fake, especially when you know that 41% of the entire traffic is made up of humans and bots and spamming software trigger the rest.

2. 4 Billion People Are Already Active Users of the Internet

In other words, more than half of the world’s population are already online. According to InternetLiveStats (ILS), October 2018 saw 4,045,421,895 active users on the internet. In 2019? It’s up to 4,404,297,072 and counting. It’s not yet the last month of the year. Google searches as of November 2019 was 2,265,356,174,193 and counting fast!

3. The Internet Is Controlled by 7 People!

You are asking how this is possible. Well, there are only seven people assigned to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who hold seven different keys.
There are seven copies of the original key and, if there’s a disaster, the seven people can meet again and restore order. 

4. Videos Viewed on YouTube Was 2,343,087,383,445 As of November 2019

400 hours of video content are uploaded on YouTube every minute, serving more than one billion people every month. And you spend about 4 hours every month on YouTube, arguably.
To ensure copyrights are protected, Google scans over 100 years of video contents every day using complex software.

5. The Email Numbers Will Leave You Aghast

In November 29, 2019, stats showed 85,381,510,473,012 emails sent from the beginning of the year. Statistics say an average of 250 billion emails are sent everyday.  
However, 81% of the mails sent are spam – sent using automated means. Therefore, about 200 billion spam emails are sent every day.  
Going down history lane, we would remember or might want to know that the first spam email was sent in 1978. It was an advertisement for a presentation by Digital Equipment Corporation for DEC System 2020. The email contained 600 recipients, and not even one of them was happy about it.

6. Internet Users Consumed One Zettabyte Bandwidth in 2016

One zettabyte = one thousand exabytes = a billion terabytes or a trillion gigabytes. Yeah, I know you are trying to keep your cool.

7. Over 5,000 Domain Names Are Registered Every Hour

Do the math or let me help. That’s over 120,000 every day and about 43 million domain names every year.

8. Over 50 Million Photos Are Uploaded on Instagram Every Day

The irony? 70% of uploaded posts on Instagram don’t get seen.

9. Facebook Says It Has About 2.234 Billion Users

So about half – 50% – of the active users on the internet use Facebook. Or let’s put it another way. Over 30% of the world’s population is on Facebook. In Q3 2018, Facebook had 1.74 mobile active users.

10. The First-Ever Website Is Still Active

The first-ever created website is info.cern.ch and it is still online. The page was written with the help of the first version of HTML.

11. App Downloads Across IOS and Google Play Shot up 10% in 2019

You cannot deny that the app economy is continuing to grow.  
App Annie says consumers spend an average of 3 hours a day in apps and use 40 different apps each month. In 2018, consumers spent $101 billion in-app store purchases and $23 billion in Q3 2019. Also, games accounted for nearly 40% of downloads and, over 70% of all consumer purchases across iOS and Google Play.  
Non-gaming apps accounted for over 60% of downloads across both stores with the percentage slightly higher on iOS than Google Play, at 70% and 60% respectively.  
And yes…there are 4.9 million apps on Google Play and App store combined.

12. Naked Women Make up 80% of the Images on the Internet

Interesting yeah? Also believable and this is why.  
12% of all existing websites online are NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and one out of every three downloads is NSFW; Sunday being the maximum day of consumption.  
The online adult content industry makes $3,000 a second.
How about we stop here, discuss this and continue later?


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