7 Ways to avoid Overheating in Android phones.

water cooling 7 Ways to avoid Overheating in Android phones.

Overheating seems like a very common problem with Android devices and as the summer approaches it becomes a big problem. It no rocket science to understand why our smartphones boil up, it is mainly due to the “usage level”. What boils up our temper about these critical conditions on our smartphones is the idea that most times we have no idea why the sudden change in phone temperature.

Quick battery drainage and damage, slow device, forced smartphone restrart are a few the numerous problems smartphone overheating can cause. It is true that the best of flagship devices also experience overheating, nevertheless, there are few steps you can take to avoid smartphone overheating and protect the lifespan of your device this summer.

1. Less Multitasking.

samsung galaxy s4 multi window multi tasking 7 Ways to avoid Overheating in Android phones.

Multitasking has continued to evolve on smartphones, gone are the days when you can only execute a process at a time on your devices. Advancement in RAM and mobile processor technology has made multitasking an achievable task on smartphones, but sometimes we overdo them.

Most smartphones nowadays pack at least 1GB RAM, which enables apps to run smoothly even when you have apps running in the background, however, these apps that run in the background still uses phone resources that can make the device to rise in temprature.

Solution: To ensure background running apps don’t boost your phone temperature ensure you always close background running apps when they are not in use.  You can also check the RAM used by apps in Settings->Memory.

2. Your Smartphone’s Case.

smartphone addiction 3dprinted dumb phone case 2 7 Ways to avoid Overheating in Android phones.

Smartphone case is good ways to protect your device from damages but it could also the cause of overheating on your device. Most of these smartphone cases are made of materials that insulate heat leading to frequent overheating of the device.

Solution: Remove the case and see if overheating reduces, try and purchase a more open case that won’t suffocate the phone.

3. Avoid using your Camera and playing games for long durations.

thenewmobile 7 Ways to avoid Overheating in Android phones.

Using regular apps like Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter won’t make your device overheat but when your play high-end games and use your camera function for a long time it boils up the device.

Games and camera are resource-intensive and they usually put pressure on the phone’s CPU and battery.

Solution: Ensure high-end games are closed properly and camera and flash functions are off.

4. Switch off mobile data, Bluetooth and Location service.

lenovo p2 review 07 thumb800 7 Ways to avoid Overheating in Android phones.

It is well known that your phone wireless connections also causes overheating.  Services like Bluetooth, mobile data, location GPS services sucks life dry out of a battery as they require a lot of power to use and execute them effectively. To use these service you need to provide your device with the stable power supply as using them concurrently, undeniably shoots the device temperature up.

Solution: Switch off your Bluetooth and other wireless services when not in use.

5. Remove smartphone from the direct reflection of sunlight.

avoid direct sunlight 7 Ways to avoid Overheating in Android phones.

While putting out your phone might be good, ensure they are out of the direct rays of the sun. When the phone sits under the sun it saves heat rays from the sun and saves them making the smartphone temperature rise drastically over a short period of time.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight could damage the battery and the screen. It is advisable to put your smartphones in a larger pocket, or a bag or purse where it can keep it cool.

Solution: Take smartphone out of the direct rays of the sun.

6. Check Your Battery and Charger.

unnamed 11 7 Ways to avoid Overheating in Android phones.

Another important aspect to consider when your smartphone is experiencing overheating is your Battery and Charger. Ensure your use quality battery and charger cord when dealing with your smartphone as devices can get hot when a low-quality accessory is been used.

Solution: Ensure you use a quality battery and charger.

7. Malware and Viruses.

A malware or virus can also be the cause of device overheating, this is rarely the case though but it is possible.A malicious program could have been installed on your device and be hogging all its resources for selfish gains.

Solution: Download Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus and scan your phone for any malware or viruses.

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