5 Quick and Easy Home-Cooked Recipes Every Nigerian Bachelor Needs

smartgeek featured image 1 5 Quick and Easy Home-Cooked Recipes Every Nigerian Bachelor Needs

Trying out new recipes is not just a woman’s thing. Bachelors can have a lot of fun doing this too. As a Nigerian Bachelor, being away from your parents- especially your mom can be challenging. There’s no one to welcome you home to a deliciously home-cooked meal after sailing through the seven seas and twenty-five mountains you’ve had to climb to get to your Lagos apartment.

Lateef Adedimeji Meme
Sometimes, Lagos makes you suffer for no reason.

I think it’s just unfair that after fighting with the bus conductor to collect your change or complaining to whoever cares to listen about the ridiculous hike in Bolt fare, you’ll still have to rack that small brain of yours for what to eat. It’s either that or you risk going to bed on an empty stomach. wicked!

But brace up! When you find yourself in this ditch, don’t you dare resort to indomie- you no dey tire? While the other option is to eat out, I’d advise that you cook up a storm for yourself at least, once a week- especially if you’re looking to save time and money. Spare yourself the stress of eating processed foods often. With just a few ingredients and a little know-how, you can make delicious, life-saving home-cooked meals with these 5 easy recipes. Let’s dive in.

1. Jollof Rice.

Jollof Rice Recipe Image
It doesn’t only live within the confines of owambe

The Jollof Rice recipe is the popular jingo of Nigerian meals. Sadly, not many people get how to cook this sumptuous meal right. It’s almost as though you have to attend an owambe to enjoy quality jollof rice. But, with this easy recipe, every day can be owambe for you as long as you choose to make this meal. Here’s an easy but perfect recipe for you. Put 2 cups of long-grain parboiled rice in a large saucepan.

Then add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 3 chopped onions, and 1-2 chopped habanero peppers aka ata rodo (optional). Stir for about 5 minutes before adding 6 cups of chicken or beef broth. Allow it to boil for a while. Then reduce the heat and cover for 20 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed. Fluff the cooked rice before serving it with fried or grilled fish, chicken, or beef stew. Trust me, it’s that simple.

2. Fried Rice & Stew.

Fried Rice Recipe Image
Fried rice is more than an occasional meal.

You know how some Nigerian Homes- if not all, cook Fried rice when it’s an occasion? well, we live alone now. So, you can make fried rice anytime you start craving it. The best part is; fried rice is a delicious and satisfying meal any Nigerian bachelor can prepare in no time. Start by frying diced onions, garlic, and habanero peppers with vegetable oil until the vegetables are fragrant.

Proceed to spice up the taste with ingredients like cubed carrots, bell pepper, peas, diced tomatoes, and spices as you wish. Allow the mix to simmer for a few minutes before you add the cooked long-grain parboiled rice. Stir fry everything until it’s well-mixed and heated through before serving it with your favorite meat or fish stew.

3. Beans with Yam Porridge.

Beans and Yam Porridge Recipe Image
Dealing with intense hunger? A delicious bowl of Beans and Yam Porridge is the perfect water for that fire.

For a hearty and filling dish, try Beans with Yam Porridge. I recommend trying this on a Saturday morning. It’s the perfect way to open up your stomach. Start by boiling crayfish, beef, and spinach in a pot of salted water until cooked through.

Gradually add cubed yams or plantains while mashing the ingredients until they form a porridge-like consistency. To finish it off, heat vegetable oil in a pan and fry habanero peppers (ata rodo) with black pepper, garlic powder, and other herbs as desired. Serve the porridge with the Ewa Agoyin stew and enjoy!

4. Okro Soup with Spicy Oxtail and Goat Meat.

Okro Soup Recipe Image
Okro Soup is the Spice of Life

Okro soup is another classic Nigerian dish and Guess what? it’s easy to make. Start by boiling onion and peppers in a pot of salted water before adding the oxtail, goat meat, seasoning cubes, and crayfish. Simmer for about an hour until the meats are tender before adding okra, crayfish paste, habanero peppers (data rodo), tomato paste, and more seasonings as desired.

Allow to simmer for another 30 minutes over low heat until the flavors combine to create a rich and flavourful soup. Once it’s ready, serve with any swallow of your choice. Although I strongly recommend fufu or pounded yam. They give the soup a higher calling taste-wise.

5. Grilled Catfish (Ikande).

Catfish Recipe Image
Grilled Catfish is Finger licking good when you get it right!

Fish is a staple in many Nigerian diets, so why not try something new and make grilled catfish (ikande)? To get the best taste experience, you’ll have to marinate the fresh fish fillets with pepper and salt before placing them on medium-high heat over a charcoal grill.

Make sure to turn the fish after 8 minutes before grilling it for an additional 6-8 minutes or until cooked through. Serve with rice or any other side dish of your choice for a traditional meal!


And there you have it! 5 of the best meals you can try in your home as a Nigerian Bachelor. Of course, it’s always good to eat out, especially when it’s street food. But sometimes, you should try your hands at cooking. It’s a life and time-saving skill that’s second to none.

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The University of Smartgeek.ng is all the cooking lessons you need!

Plus, who knows, you could get all the Lagos girls drooling more when they find out you’re something of a chef yourself (winks). Don’t worry; they won’t know you copped your cooking skills here or somewhere else. Until next time! Have fun cooking.

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