5 BEST Bitcoin Wallet for Nigerians (2021)

Bitcoin wallet
Concept of a digital wallet

Bitcoin is the best crypto asset to invest in. However, you need to securely store your crypto assets. A good bitcoin wallet can be used to secure and save your bitcoins.

This is a list of the 5 BEST Bitcoin wallets available for Nigerians to use in 2021. These wallets are trusted by many Nigerians who use them to store bitcoin and also make payments.

In this resource, I’ll show you the BEST crypto wallet to use as a Nigerian and also help you pick a good one.

5 BEST Bitcoin Wallets


Biggest crypto wallet in Africa

According to a report from Statista, Luno has the most active users in Nigeria compared to other Bitcoin wallets. As at January 2021, there was a recording of 64,477 active users in Nigeria. This statistics proves that the wallet is highly trusted by many Nigerians.

Luno Crypto wallet has both a decentralized exchange and a wallet. It allows you to trade your Bitcoin – or other Cryptocurrencies – and also store them securely. Your crypto assets are always safe with the luno wallet. This is because the wallet has enabled security modifications to ensure your digital asset is secure.

With the Luno wallet app, you can save and earn interest on your crypto assets.It features the bitcoin saving wallet. This wallet provide you with two options . You could decide to save in Bitcoin or in a different Cryptocurrency. On Bitcoin, you could earn up to 12% annually, while around 7.5% for other crypto assets.

Another important thing to consider when picking a storage for your crypto assets is users satisfaction. Luno has the best customer relations. You could quickly and easily get a response from a customer support rep. This is a thing that you should look out for, if you have issues during usage of the platform.


Wallet that gives you access to hundreds of Crypto coins and tokens

Coinomi is a very good crypto wallet to consider. The Coinomi Bitcoin wallet allows you to send and receive thousands of crypto currencies. This is a feature that you won’t easily get with most wallets. Aside from that, you don’t need to worry about transaction fees when sending and receiving Bitcoin.

Coinomi wallet enables you to send and receive over 1700 crypto coins and tokens. This allows you to manage your Bitcoin and all other crypto coins in one place. Apart from this, it is a very secure app for storage.

Coinomi communicates fast when you send Bitcoin and Litecoin. This is also a good reason to choose this crypto wallet.


Allows naira deposit and withdrawals

Quidax has the most preferred means of payment for Nigerians. It allows its users to deposit only with the Naira. You could also withdraw easily from the crypto wallet to your bank account.

Why Use this?

Like most crypto wallets, you could buy and sell bitcoin easily. In addition to this you could set stop orders and limit orders for your trade setups.

To put, this would be a perfect choice for those who don’t like passcodes. You could easily access the web version without passcodes. Moreso, there have been no records of a hack or scam that may affect your bitcoin.

Quidax bitcoin wallet is highly recommended for Nigerians, because it is built specially for Africans.

Trust Wallet

Best Multipurpose wallet

This is a special bitcoin wallet to use.

What makes Trust wallet unique?

First, this is a decentralised crypto wallet that allows you store and receive crypto currencies (Coins and tokens). Trust wallet has a multi-wallet feature that supports over 160k cryptocurrencies.

In addition, it is an open-source wallet that enables you to use many DApps on the ethereum and smartchain networks. You can also; buy, earn, stake, swap, and store, crypto coins, tokens, NFTs and so on.

The wallet has a native decentralised exchange which runs on the kyber network. This DEX can be accessed through the Web 3 browser available on it.

Trust wallet is the best multi-purpose wallet to use for all many of your crypto needs.


A Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

This Bitcoin wallet is not a software – mobile apps or web-based.

It is a physical wallet (hardware).
Even though it is different from the previously mentioned wallets, it has excellent features that would help you secure your crypto funds.

What features?

The device allows you to securely keep all of your crypto assets in one space. You can do this, through encryption of the passwords and keys of your assets. This storage does not require internet connection,which therefore denies hackers the access to your Bitcoin.

This wallet is a good option for those who don’t trade crypto regularly. It would allow you physically secure your crypto coins and tokens.


Now you have it. That was a list of the 5 BEST Bitcoin wallets to use as a Nigerian. You should use the wallet that best suits your specific needs.

Now let’s hear from you.

Are there any good wallets that were not listed? Do you have any questions concerning the wallets mentioned?

Comment your takes below.

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