15 most lucrative courses to study in Nigeria

Courses to study in Nigeria 2022

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It’s no lie that most of the courses taught at the undergraduate level of universities do not mirror most business needs in Nigeria. Where some of these courses are either absolutely irrelevant to the pace of advancement and the skills in demand, others have some relevance but are outdated. However, there are still some courses that are not only relevant but positions you for an employment immediately after your undergraduate studies at the university.

By the end of this article, you’d be informed of the choice of course to consider for your undergraduate degree.

No jokes, securing a good JAMB score could be a big deal, without the required support. What is more upsetting is not knowing the right course of study owing to a lack of understanding on what each course aims to offer after school. Regardless of your choice of course from the elaborations- that would be given below; it is important to note that beyond going to school to study any of these courses, you should put in some efforts into your studies. Your Graduating CGPA is what most entry level jobs and opportunities use in evaluating the depth of your knowledge in your chosen course of study.

Please note that these courses (In no order of importance) were recommended on the basis of their future relevance with technological advances in the world, the possibility of travelling to other countries and remaining capable of offering a service based off your acquired knowledge from your course of study, and the work flexibility that comes with some of the roles- from these courses.


Medicine and Surgery

  • Medicine is an ever-relevant course due to the reoccurrence of health problems it’s positioned to solve. You can’t go wrong reading medicine, if you are willing to endure its over-4 years duration of study. With a course in medicine, there are several opportunities surfaced as specialties. From considering specialized fields like surgery, oncology, pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics gynecology, orthopedics, obstetrics, urology, oncology, psychiatry, and many more. After graduating from your undergraduate studies, you could decide to further specialize in any of these fields. Interestingly, the acquired knowledge in medicine is relevant anywhere in the world. This is a science-related course.


  • Pharmacy is the study of producing and dispensing medical drugs. It is the fusion of medical science and chemistry. Talking about producing and dispensing drugs. Like medicine, Pharmacy is an ever-relevant course and much more is a universal knowledge. This is also a science-related course.


  • Imagine a good product like iPhone wasn’t known by everyone or 80% of the world population never heard of Apple. That’d be good money down the drain for so much investment made in developing a quality product as an iPhone. Now that’s what marketing does to an organization. Everyone is in business to make sales, and in order to make sales- your product needs to be made known to the right people, otherwise the business will fail. Reading marketing for your first degree is promising if you take it upon yourself to stay updated with the fast-growing information about brand-awareness and management. As earlier mentioned, most of what are being taught in universities are outdated. However, if you take it upon yourself to go the extra mile; you’re up for a big win! Although working in the media does not necessitate that one studied mass-communication, but reading mass-communication has an edge if taken seriously- whilst in school. Upon graduation, there are higher chances of getting entry-level jobs with media houses as a graduate of Mass-communication. This is an art or commerce-related course.


  • Although working in the media does not necessitate that one studied mass-communication, but reading mass-communication has an edge if taken seriously- whilst in school. Upon graduation, there are higher chances of getting entry-level jobs with media houses as a graduate of Mass-communication. This is an art-related course.


  • Without mincing words, Economics is the heart beat of a country’s economy. From understanding the behaviours of demand and supply (of goods, currencies, services) to developing predictive models on how to curb or influence a desired outcome on a macro-level down to the micro-level. Economics is a course that can be likened to gold in its raw form. If taken seriously, opportunities will come knocking at your door. Why? Every company needs smart individuals who understand the fundamentals and influencers of the economy- as it affects their business operations, in order to make informed decisions. Staying abreast of the daily market updates will give you more edge in this field, than what is being taught in the lecture rooms. Although, this is a commerce course, but art students can take it- if they have the subjects requirements.


  • As long as the society is concerned, law and order can never go extinct. From evolving crimes to meting out justice to the wronged. Law is a continuum and can never fade. The relevance of this course is great. However, the only downside to reading law is that it is geographically bound; Law read here in Nigeria wouldn’t be applicable to another country. If you’re considering travelling out of the country immediately after your fist degree, it would be advisable to try other courses. This is an art-related course.
elecrical 15 most lucrative courses to study in Nigeria
15 most lucrative courses to study in Nigeria 17

Electrical or Electronic Engineering

  • There’s a difference between electrical and electronic engineering. Even though this difference is fast closing due to advancing technologies. Electrical/Electronic Engineers constitutes the one of the core team of technicians in the forefront.
  • The world is fast becoming a global village, not only because of e-commerce, but a larger reason is due to advancing technologies. Specialized IT-related courses might not be offered at most universities; but you can never go wrong taking a course in any computer-science related course! At least, you understand the basics. With a degree in any computer science-related course, you stand the chance of working anywhere. Why? Most firms are looking to integrate technology with their business operations. Courses like Data Science, Data Analytics, Robotics, Cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Game Development, Full-Stack Development (Front-End & Back-End Development), Software Development, Data Engineer- and many more; are here to stay. With a course in Computer Science- you’re open to limitless opportunities in Tech. Tech is the future.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering is at the forefront of technology in industries as the healthcare, transportation, construction and robotics, and many more. From developing new robotics, trendy sporty vehicles, heavyweight machineries, to updated device designs, and many more Mechanical Engineering has a long-term relevance as far as tech is concerned. More so, asides the future potentials, mechanical engineering is a universal field- as they have acceptable standards that makes it possible to relocate and your acquired skill remains relevant in a new country.

Computer Engineering

  • Computer Engineering, no doubt, is also one of the courses at the forefront of emerging technology. Studying a course in computer engineering has massive future potentials around electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer systems and embedded architecture, data center optimization and maintenance, electronic design automation, and many more. Much more, with computer-related course there are room for flexibility and innovativeness in work.
Courses to study in Nigeria 2022
15 most lucrative courses to study in Nigeria 18


  • As long as business exists, numbers will always hold a significance. We can never run out of the need to check the “healthy-ness of the business operation through its revenue and expenses. The market might seem flooded with a number of professional Accountants, but what’d set you apart is your grit and depth of knowledge in the field.


  • Geology might not be so popular of a course, but it’s got its relevance as a course of study. Geologists study the earth materials and components which includes granites, gravel, and a couple of other materials, essential for buildings and constructions. Where this may be shied away from, remember that housing is a continuous need. Besides, with a course in Geology, you can work at Construction Quarries.

Human Resource Management

  • The quality of any organization is dependent on the quality of its staff. Human Resource Management is the future of management. With recent happenings from the pandemic, the new style of working is virtually. The only way to effectively manage the performance of the growing work trend of remote working is by having an optimized Human Resource Management team to monitor the commitment, performance and mental wellbeing of the employees. With growing knowledge about the human psychology and mental wellbeing; Human Resource Management was carved to focus on the performance and wellbeing of the employees. In as much as humans still work in the workplace, HR will forever be relevant.


  • Finance is as a course is multifaceted and is needed in the daily decision making of an organization. From managing the income cashflow to making informed investment decisions and strategizing funding for the business, Finance is needed! Without proper financing decision, to spearhead the financial direction of the organization, an organization will winddown as quickly as it began. In essence, studying Finance at the undergraduate level is a good win in the Nigerian market! However, finance updates should be taken seriously, asides the lecture notes.


  • Studying a language in demand- like French, German, Spanish, and others, would undoubtedly pave room of opportunities for you. Securing jobs around interpretations, tight job opportunities with exclusive language requirements. All you need do, is be on the lookout for opportunities that requires a second language! The demand in this area seems higher than the current supply of available experts.


end2 15 most lucrative courses to study in Nigeria
15 most lucrative courses to study in Nigeria 19

As mentioned earlier, it’s not just about reading any of these courses and feeling “entitled” that the society owes you. It’s about putting in the work and making the most while in school (through what’s been taught in school and more effort spent in your personal studies). Also, before leaving the universities (if necessary) take up courses relating to your field of study on Udemy and/or Coursera to stay abreast of new happenings and information in your field of study. Remember to create and update your recent learnings on LinkedIn, as well as begin hunting for opportunities before graduating from your university. Good luck!

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