14 Thoughtful Valentines day Gift Ideas for Nigerian Men


(Valentine is coming, Where is your…) It’s almost about that time for lovers to celebrate each other and exchange gifts. Yay!

I’m sorry if I don’t sound so excited but I’ll be spending Valentine’s day watching Netflix alone so you should understand the hostility. I’m pretty sure Saint Valentine is tossing and turning in his grave right now. He didn’t die a martyr for this. Who would have thought his death would spark a whole cultural love frenzy aeons later.

My apologies for being a Debbie Downer; I just felt the history lesson was necessary. Anyways, Valentine is slowly upon us, trumpeters are polishing there instruments and love is in the air.

The whole thought process of figuring out the right valentines day gift for your boyfriend can be a real struggle seen as there aren’t that many thoughtful gifts for men as much as the are for women. Well, here are some thoughtful valentines day gift ideas for men…14 of them, to be exact.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Nigerian Men

1. ?

It’s not a mistake people it is what it really is. A question mark. First of all, if you do not know the one thing the person you’ve chosen as your Valentine doesn’t have or needs then you aren’t a good girlfriend, wife or side-chick.

Having to go online and search for ‘gifts for him’ or ‘gifts for husband’ just so you know what to get is just not nice and you deserve to be at home watching Netflix alone in the dark. The whole essence of gift-giving is getting the person what you think the person needs and not what you want.

Ladies reading this please lets be guided. Don’t get your man something you are just going to obtain after the 14th passes. Look through his stuff and check for something he doesn’t have already and get him that.

So, as an advocate for all the brothers out there get your man something memorable and thoughtful on Valentine day and not boxer shorts and singlet unless of course, he needs them then go right ahead. I know most of you are just going to choose from number two till fourteen which is smart but ask yourself does that make you a good partner?

2. A Playstation5 Console.

The PS5 price in Nigeria and What we Know About Sony's Next-Gen Console.

Something worth nothing is you can never go wrong with this choice. When you hear ‘final answer’ this is it right here. Of all the valentines day gifts for him this is the best option. Its square box makes any valentines day wrapping look good.

The best way to look at this option is; it is an investment for your future. If you get him this you bought yourself six years worth of relationship because that’s when the next PlayStation console comes out.

Look at it this way, If you get this for him he wouldn’t have any excuse to leave the house anymore (unless for work cus no be console una go chop). Why would he? When he has his partner and his console under the same roof. It is also Netflix capable which means you can enjoy a movie night on it too. Talk about something for the family.

The starting price of the PS5 is from 400,000 to 500,000 Naira.

3. Bitcoin

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(Disclamier: This option is not for everyone. God no go shame us )

This is another gift you should consider giving your man. I implore you not to let the Central Bank of Nigeria’s sanctions on banks and financial institutions dealing in cryptocurrency (don’t ask) that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy and invest for your man and your future.

If you do this right now seen as one bitcoin is 14 million naira by this time next year the price would have doubled or even tripled. So think about it.

4. Fragrances


Eau de toilette or Eau de parfum which ever you choose to go for you can never go wrong in wanting your man smelling nice. Never! I’m speaking personally there’s this satisfaction that comes when you get complemented.

The three words ‘You smell nice’ shows that he has a woman that pays attention to what her man smells like. If he isn’t getting this complement from you or his friends then your work is half done.

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get your partner smelling nice this valentine. Here are three fragrance options that are affordable and smell top notch

  • Emmanuel Ungaro
  • Bois D Iris
  • Lalique

If you have a different choice then go for it but make sure it slaps. Signed Management.

5. Beard Trimmer.

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If your man doesn’t have beards then…lol keep moving. But if you want to invest then feel at home. Seen as they can act as clippers too.

Grooming is very important for the male gender. We like looking fly from head to toe. From a clean hair-cut to nice threads and a neat footwear to step out in. Whatever it is, the goal is to look fly all the time.

In addition it gives you as his partner bragging rights. Have a fine, well groomed man by your side at that owambe or date night will surely put a smile on your face.

6. ‘Open When’ Letters

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What is one thing all Nigerian women have in common asides their love for money? They all like sakara or hard guy. Whatever you chose to call it the female gender finds it really hard to prophesy their feelings or love for their partners.

Well, what better time is there than on the day dedicated for the expression of love. With this option you can tell him how much he means to you with having to use your words. Just write or type short sentence saying how much he means to you, seal them up in an envelope and write ‘Open when’ on it.

So, whenever you are away for business and he misses he can open a few and I will remind him how you love him and all that. It doesn’t have to be an envelope it can be in a jar too all that matters is he knows how much you love him.

Please note; Do not just give him this alone as a gift we would not be held responsible for what happens after. It works best when paired with other options.

7. Wireless Earbuds

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Music. We all love it and It the season for love so why not. This happens to be an awesome option to consider when fishing for valentine day gifts. With that many wireless earbuds in the market so deciding on the right one to get without any experience it can be a really tough ask.

Here are a list of five alternative wireless earbuds for you to choice from

8. Bluetooth Speaker

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I have nothing against the use of trumpets during this period but why not blast his favourite song through a Bluetooth speaker with rose petals on the floor and on the bed sheets, with all that warm and gushy 14th of February stuffs and eveyone is happy.

Well in case you choose to go with this sub-option then below are a list of quality Bluetooth speakers to choose from

  • UE Boom 3 (Compact structure with good sound quality
  •  JBL Flip 5 ( Its JBL why not)
  • Anker Soundcore Flare ( Easy on the eyes and the pocket too)
  •  JBL Charge 4 ( A bigger choice to the previously mentioned JBL)

9. Streaming Subscription (Movies and Music)


A year’s worth of Netflix or whatever movie streaming service he uses can also be a thoughtful valentine’s gift. It can also be a music platform maybe on Apple Music or on Spotify whichever you chose I’m pretty sure he will appreciate it.

10. Engraved Wristwatch

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This is a very good gift to get your partner. You can have a watch engraved with a memorable date or the day you met. The list is truly endless and might be the most thoughtful of all the gifts.

On the plus side he wouldn’t have anymore excuses for coming home late maybe asides Lagos traffic.

11. Brand New Shoes

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We love Shoes just as much as we love looking good because it completes the ensemble. Which ever direction you decide to go you can never go wrong with shoes; sneakers, brogues shoes or tennis shoes.

12. A Spa Day

Spa 14 Thoughtful Valentines day Gift Ideas for Nigerian Men

Sometimes, men work so hard so much so that they often forget to take sometime off for themselves. As a wife or wife its you role to find a way to help your better half relax this valentine period.

An all expense paid trip to a spa to relax and be taken care of is a really thoughtful idea for a Valentine’s day gift.

13. Candy Treats

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Sugar, spice and everything nice. Let your man know how sweet he is this love season with a box of sweets and chocolate.

14. Kolaq Bitters

Kolaq Alagbo Bitter 14 Thoughtful Valentines day Gift Ideas for Nigerian Men

After all those candy treats, your partner is definitely going to need something for detox. Well, this final option serves that purpose. Asides that, it is going to come in handy on the night of the 14th.

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