10 Reasons Ants are Fascinating Creatures

18640h8jzhu07jpg 10 Reasons Ants are Fascinating Creatures
Ants are fantastic creatures, and we probably know that they can lift objects many times heavier than they are themselves.

When we think about ants most of us perceive them as just those tiny little creatures that hang around in the back yard. But with these little creatures there is more to what the eyes can see. To inspire you a little, do you know? They are the only creature besides humans to have successfully domesticate other creature around, even sometimes take them as slaves and go to war with other creatures around them.

Am pretty sure most of us have not given so much recognition to these tiny insects. Well next time you see them in your kitchen or backyard pay respect to these little niggas. Research has even found out that some of these tiny insects are good in mathematics. So here we present 10 Reasons Ants are Unbelievable Creatures.



These tiny little creatures work together to battle a deadly fungus by diluting the infection across the colony, When an ant is infected in the colony, the healthy insects do not necessarily quarantine their sick friend.

Instead they welcome the contagious with wide and open arms- or, rather, open mouths- they often lick the infected ant individually thereby reducing the impact of the fungus on one member of the community and infecting each individual with a tiny dose of the fungus it’s immune system can clear.

9)Long Live The Queen

Queen ants with eggs
Queen ants with eggs

With an average lifespan of 2-28 years, The Queen ant live longer than almost any other insect. The oldest known Lasius niger queen lived for an amazing 29 years!

8)Catch a Grenade For Ya!


Some species of carpenter ants can explode as a last line of defense. They contract their abs which ruptures their internal organs and lets loose an explosion of immobilizing and gooey guts

7)War Formation


Ants are very smart creatures and when it time for war with colonies they exhibit their bright sides. They have spies, skirmishers, and will even put their weaker fighters in the front so that the stronger ones can be saved for when the enemy is weak.

6)Ants are as old as the dinosaurs


In 2006, Scientists from Harvard and Florida State University collaborated to conduct a massive genetic analysis on ants from 19 out of 20 known subfamilies. Their findings suggested that these insects first arose in the mid-Cretaceous period — about 110—130 million years ago. And yes that means before the era of dinosaurs.



There are 14 species of ants that are known to enslave or use other species of ants. They raid neighbouring colonies  and steal eggs, sometimes they forcibly acquire young ants from other colonies and either eat them or put to work.

 Species that practice this are called, “slave-making ants,” and they rely on this practice to support their colonies.

4)Deadly Insects

Bullet Ant Paraponera clavata 10 Reasons Ants are Fascinating Creatures

While Bullet Ant’s bite is considered the most painful, Jack Jumper ant’s sting can be even fatal. Luckily, and an anti-venom has been developed for it.

3)Ants have two stomachs

ants have transparent stomachs
ants have transparent stomachs

Yes! That’s right, ants have two stomachs and it not because they like food. The first stomach is for consumption and the other is to hold the food.

This process is popularly called trophallaxis and it allows a colony to work efficiently. It allows for the ants who forage for food to feed those which stay behind and tend to the duties of the queen and the nest.

2)Ants don’t have ears

ant 10 Reasons Ants are Fascinating Creatures

Unlike other pests such as rats, ants don’t have ears. But that doesn’t mean they are deaf.

Ants use sound cues for recruitment to food resources and alarm signals. The most important structure for ant hearing is called the subgenual organ. “Subgenual” means “below the knee”, which is where the organ is located

1)Smart Geek

10 Reasons Ants are Fascinating Creatures

The thought of insects been smart seems like an insult to man. After all we are the dominant species on earth. The only species that builds cities, uses tools, farms, and demonstrates the capacity to plan and think? By the characteristics and behaviour of these fantastic insects we can say they are smart.

Am very sure if they were aliens we encountered in Mars am pretty sure we would wonder if we have met that intelligent race that build cities, farm , go to war and organize complex societies with each individual with it’s rank such as nobles, soldiers, workers and slaves.

I am sure that we would conclude that these aliens were in fact intelligent. With more 250,000 brain cells in its tiny head, i believe it is the smartest insect alive.


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did u know it can kill an ElephAnt , If it decides to get in in Ear,
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