The 10 Greatest Anime TV Series of All Time

Naruto / Naruto: Shippuuden
There are thousands of anime shows out there, but what makes the greatest of them stand out?

Anyone familiar with anime should know they are japanese computer animations. The word ‘anime’ was derived from the pronunciation “animation” in Japanese but over time the term ‘anime’ has been used for animations developed from Japan.

Anime TV shows has been a particular favorite for geeks, due to it’s nature of mixing heart-pumping actions with psychotic villains who would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Pls note: These list of 10 Greatest Anime TV Series of All Time is based on my own personal preferences. If you think i omitted any, kindly use the comment box and we might update it.


10) Death Note (2006 TV Series)

Death Note Anime

Death Note is a Japanese television drama series based on the manga series of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Death Note follows a story of an high-school called Light Yagami, who found a supernatural notebook owned by a Shinigami(God of death), the notebook grants him the ability to kill anyone whose name and face he knows.

The entire series focuses on Light attempt to create an ‘evil-free’ world. Light eventually met a smart detective called L who was employed to investigate the sudden death of top criminals and politicians in the city. The anime TV series also has a live action adaptation.


9) One Piece (1999 TV Series)

One Piece anime

One Piece is arguably one of the most popular anime series ever developed. It is of a certainty- it will fulfill any action craving you have. The anime lasted for over 700 episodes since it first started broadcasting in 1999.

One Piece follows the story a young man called  Monkey D. Luffy who gained the properties of rubber after eating a devil fruit.  Luffy will later gather a crew so as the search for the lost treasure of the former King of Pirates called “One Piece”, through his journey. The “One Piece” is a treasure every pirate in the world is searching for, so as to be the next King of the Pirates.

The series is also capable of veering into intense drama, with some real WTF! moments scattered throughout.


8) Soul Eater (2008 TV Series)

Soul Eater anime

Soul Eater is a popular Japanese anime produced by Atsushi Ōkubo with a mixture of awesome characters, good storyline and music. Soul Eater helped define a genre of action anime; it is a classic all anime fans should take the time to watch.

The anime follows a story of three teams who attend a Death Weapon Meister Academy ran by a Shinigami. In order to be able to attain Death Scythes, the teams are to hunt down 99 evil human souls and a Witch soul in that exact order for their souls.


7) One-Punch Man (2015 TV Series)

One-Punch Man

Personally, One-Punch Man is one of my best animes out there, this list would be half complete without this anime. The show is a mixture of action and comedy, every fan of action genre should give it a shot.

One-Punch Man follows the story Saitama, a completely overpowered superhero who has grown bored by the absence of challenge in his fight against evil.

Saitama became so strong due to his determination  to become a local hero in his community, he then decided to take a very rigid training scheme of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running a day, after which he lost all his hair and become the strongest man to ever walk on earth.

And yes! He defeats his opponents with just a punch.


6) Bleach(2004 TV Series)


Bleach follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtained the power of a Soul Reaper (God of Death). His new powers forces him to defend humanity and help guide the dead to their after life.

Bleach eventually lost some of it’s followers due to similar reason that sometimes affect long-running anime series like Naruto, namely, the curse of the fillers.


5) Fullmetal Alchemist (2009 TV Series)

Fullmetal Alchemist anime

The best of animes is that which offers the full package- cool characters, action-filled fight scenes, awesome animations and most importantly a good story line with great twist and turns. Few series draw all these elements together as effectively as Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist follows the story of two brothers  Edward and Alphonse Elric, who seek to correct their early childhood mistake by finding the Philosopher’s Stone. The two brothers lost their respective bodies during the attempt to bring back their dead mother, Ed lost his arm while and Alphonso lost his entire body. The two brothers forgot the greatest rule in alchemy: equivalent exchange.


4) Code Geass(2006 TV Series)

Code Geass

Code Geass is a japanese anime series created by Gorō Taniguchi. It follows the story of a former prince in an alternate timeline who obtained a power called Geass then seek to use it to conquer the Holy Britannian Empire, one of the three factions who ruled the world (the other two been the Chinese Federation, and the European Union)

Code Geass is an amazing series that incorporates supernatural ability, action, and moral messages. It is a mecha/action anime series done right.


3) Fairy Tail(2009 TV Series)

Fairy Tail

If you are looking for a great anime popcorn material, Fairy Tail should be your top-choice. This series packs a punch, with a plethora of characters and epic duels featuring magic from all angles, this is why Fairy tail has continued to please fans for years.

Fairy Tail follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, teenage wizard, who is a member of the popular wizards’ guild Fairy Tail, as he searches for the dragon Igneel.


2) Naruto / Naruto: Shippuuden (2002 TV Series)

 Naruto / Naruto: Shippuuden

Arguably the greatest of all animes along with Dragon Ball Z. The anime follows the story of a young boy Naruto Uzumaki who was constantly determined to become the Hokage (leader) of his community. The Hokage is known to be the strongest ninja in the community.

During his early childhood, Naruto was never a talented ninja until he discovered the hidden power of the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed into him by his father. Even though he has the Nine-Tailed Fox powers, Naruto strongest attribute is the ability to be friends with everyone and never give up on himself or his friends.

Will he be able to achieve his dream and save his friends from the wrath of evils.

Find out in what is arguably the most famous anime internationally.


1) Dragon Ball (1996 TV Series)


Want to see a show with the 80s vibe? Look no further, Dragon Ball Z is the perfect choice. SUPER SAIYANS!

Dragon Ball Z story is similar to that of Superman. Just like superman Dragon Ball Z tells the story of a protagonist called Goku who initially was sent as a small child to earth, with the mission to kill and destroy the planet.

Goku eventually became earth saviour as he protected the planet along with his companions, against an assortment of villains ranging from intergalactic space fighters and conquerors, unnaturally powerful androids and nearly indestructible creatures.


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